Paleo peeps – you must complete your benchmark workouts by Friday.

4 rounds
15 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25#)
15 Burpee Plate Jumps


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  1. Gillyon

    Hehe cute video!
    Deadlifts (3) 125-145-175-195. Felt great. Could have gone heavier. πŸ™‚
    WOD – 7:47

    Crazy fast, Heidi and Maria. There was no catching you.

  2. Elba

    WU x 2

    Front Squat 5’s

    4 Rounds
    15 Overhead Walking Lunges @25lbs
    15 Burpee Plate Jumps
    Time: 8:40

    Great WOD!! Benchmarks on Friday morning so nervious and excited at the same time!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Heather S

    Strength: Front Squat 5’s

    4 Rounds
    15 Overhead Walking Lunges @25lbs
    15 Burpee Plate Jumps
    Time: 9:34

    Wow it’s dark at 6 a.m.!! Great working out with this crazy group. Off to Boston this afternoon but not sure how I’ll hold the steering wheel – my arms are toast πŸ™‚

    Oops – “Paleo peeps – you must complete your benchmark workouts by Friday”

    Kevin, I won’t be back until Monday – so should I plan to do it then? (And does this mean I should continue Paleo over the weekend while I’m at my conference? πŸ™ )

  4. Caleb Richard

    Strength. Shoulder press x1
    95 100 105 110 115
    WOD. Overhead walking lunges / burpee plate jumps
    15 OH walking lunges (45/25)
    15 burpee plate jumps
    Rob Brydges

  5. WU x 2

    Back Squats x 5

    WOD: 4 rounds
    15 Overhead Walking Lunges @ 45#
    15 Burpee Plate Jumps

    Time: 8:50

    Kodos to Sarah for finishing strong this morning.

  6. Maria

    Today marks one year exactly I and a few others I know πŸ™‚ began the Paleo journey. So happy I signed up last year! Good luck to the challengers on the homestretch!

    1. Amanda

      Woohoo!! I’m amazed that it’s been a year already, it feels like just yesterday. Maria told me it was our 1 year anniversary this morning and I had an instant flashback to that first weekend that I spent in the kitchen cooking my meals for the upcoming week. It was a really tough and frustrating few weeks in the beginning (my biggest challenge before the challenge was my inability to cook!) but it’s a easy now and I’ll never go back. One of the best things I ever did with my life! Love seeing all the amazing progress from this year’s challengers. You may not realize it but you’re inspiring other people. Keep up the good work!

  7. Blake

    WU x 2 (5 pull-ups each)

    25 DUs – 3:45 …not my best showing but thanks to some tips from Coach Kevin I think I am on to something.

    Paleo Benchmarks:

    AMRAP in 5 min of Burpees:
    71 Burpees (before = 69)
    Did 15 quick ones before Kevin noticed I didn’t actually START the timer…doh!

    Row 2 km:
    7:58.4 (before = 8:17.4)
    SUPER thanks to Natacha for the encouragement! I would not have kept that pace without you cheering!

    Max. Unbroken Pull-ups:
    19 (before=20)
    A bit disappointed…I simply did not rest enough between the rowing and pull-ups as they are both pretty arm-intensive.
    It’s in the books, but I will try tomorrow as it’s going to drive me nuts!

    A pretty good CrossFit day!

    1. Lora

      Great results, Blake! They were awesome to start with, so tough to make large gains in such a short time.

      You should’ve sandbagged the first round…

      LOL (I’m kidding, Coach Kevin….KIDDING!!!)

  8. Mobility, WU, etc.

    Strength: Shoulder Press @ 5×20-25-30-35-40

    4 rounds
    15 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25#)
    15 Burpee Plate Jumps

    Scaled to: 3 rounds w/10# plate.

    Time = 12:50.

    Hey…at least there’s a baseline for comparison, should this WOD come back around again, right? πŸ˜›

    Question: Does anyone have a rec for a physiotherapist? Ron mentioned someone before but I can’t remember the name! Thanks!:)

  9. Chantal Guerette

    WU x 2

    Strength – Front Squats 5 x 60-65-70-75-80

    4 rounds
    – 15 Overhead Walking Squats (25#)
    – 15 Burpees Plate Jumps

    Time : 7:44

    Good job everybody !!!

  10. Frank

    WU x 2

    Front Squats x 5
    150-175-200-225-250 (PR for reps)
    Nice sharing the bar with you Evan and great PR on your back squats!

    WOD: 4 rounds
    15 Overhead Walking Lunges @ 45#
    15 Burpee Plate Jumps

    Time: 9:25
    brutal Wod, hate those lunges and burpees!
    Welcome Back Jeff!

  11. Maddy

    WU x 2

    Strength : Shoulder press x 5
    55-60-65-70 (10# PR)

    Modified WOD (Thanks Jeff! And no, i’m not being sarcastic πŸ˜‰ )
    4 rounds
    15 x Hang power cleans @ 45#
    15 Push press @ 45#
    Time : 6:48

    I can’t wait for my knee to get better or to figure out what the problem is and fix it! If for nothing else than to let my upper body have a rest once in a while!

    Great work 5;45 gang! You all put up a good fight against the burpee / lunge combo of death!

    1. Lora

      HAHA! As you know, “modified” does not mean “easier”. Nice work on the WOD. Your shoulders took a beating tonight πŸ™‚ Hope your knee gets better soon.

  12. natacha

    mobility and WU (trying a few dips with small band… got to 3… this goat needs a little attention…)

    50(5)-55(5)-60(3)-65(2…pr for reps)-70(1…5# PR)

    WOD Rx’d: 7:24

    I would say a leg burner!!

  13. Melanie B.

    WU x 2

    Strength – Push Press 5 x 25-25-30-35-45

    4 rounds
    – 15 Overhead Walking Squats (10#)
    – 15 Burpees Plate Jumps

    Time: 13,07.

    400 m run.

    I’m surprised I finished this, wouldn’t have been able too before with the burpees πŸ˜€

    Good Job Everyone!!
    Thanks Jeff!!

  14. Kevin Mack

    WU x 2

    Strength – Front Squats 5 x 65-70-75-80 ran out of time for 5th set

    4 rounds
    – 15 Overhead Walking Squats (45#)
    – 15 Burpees Plate Jumps

    Time : 10:58

    400m Run

    Thanks Jeff for the coaching.

  15. Mario

    Mob + WU reg x1 + 400m Run

    Paleo Benchmarks

    1. Max Pull-ups = 35 (Benchmark +10, PR+4)
    2. AMRAP 5 min Burpees = 91 (Benchmark +4)
    3. 1 Mile Run = 7:29 (Benchmark -3 seconds)

    Got all three, not bad! Surprised with the pull-ups, since I phased them out of my warm-up. Hope to see great things from all the other participants. (Stephanie killed it!)

    Good job everyone!

  16. Steph L

    Warm-up x2

    Paleo Bench Marks
    – AMRAP 5 Min Burpees =77 Reps (September 70 Reps)
    – 1 Mile Run = 8:38 (September 9:32)
    – Max Pull-ups = 31 Reps (September 30) Both times with Green Band

    Pretty Happy with the Paleo Results!!!

  17. McDavid

    deadlifts to 215 (PR) whoot
    wod… Rx’d 11:23.
    awesome seeing everyone tonight. Welcome back Robojeff. Fun night. lots of leg burny fun

  18. Caleb Richard


    Push Press x 5

    WOD: 4 rounds

    15 Overhead Walking Lunges @ 25
    15 Burpee Plate Jumps

    Time: 13:40

  19. Shane

    Paleo Benchmarks
    5 min amrap burpees
    Before 77 got 83 this time
    1 mile run. This was a little harder than I expected with the cold air last time was 8:00 min flat this time 7:32.
    Max Pullups. Last time was 12 strict no band no kipping. This time was 20. Very happy with the results.

  20. Christine

    Strength: power snatch-50×3,3; 55×3,3; 60×3
    WOD: Tragedy
    4 Rounds of
    15 walking lunges with 25#
    15 jumping plate burpees
    Time: 7:44

  21. Jeremy L

    Paleo bench mark

    1mile run 9.14 ( 800m 4.30, last time 800m was 4.50 and 1 mile was 11.05, and this time I did the entire mile without walking . That was one of my bucket list items when I first started.)

    Max Burpees in 5 mins : 57 ( last time was 50)

    Max Pull ups (XL Black band) 23 (last time did 13)

    Thanks to Corrina for the counting and giving me motivation to keep moving for the burpees

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