Monkey Business

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  1. Maria

    Strength Ring Dips
    5 sets of 5

    WOD Rx

    64 reps

    Wow, didn’t do this one last time I had no idea what to expect 🙂
    Good job 6amers!

  2. Josh

    WU X 2
    Dead lift X 5
    15 Rnds
    30 sec ring inverts
    30 sec rest
    34( first time….to a bit to get the hang of it)

  3. Blake

    WU x 1
    25 DUs – 1:27!
    Yesterday was 4:57 so I will take a PR. Managed 5 unbroken twice so I feel like I might be on the verge of something.

    Front Squat x 1
    190-200-210-220-225 (PR 10#)

    15 Rounds of:
    — 30 sec Ring Inverts
    — 30 sec rest

    Total: 103 (PR 34 reps!)
    Was pretty happy as I dropped to 4 reps around round nine but managed 3 consecutive rounds of 7 after that!

    Nice work 7AM-ers!

    1. Amanda

      YES! Nice work on your doubles. And all the rest of the stuff – lots of PRs for you today, looks like was a good morning at the gym!

  4. Steph L


    Strength: Push Jerk


    WOD: “Monkey Business” Rx’d

    15 Rounds
    30 Sec Ring Inverts
    30 Sec Rest

    Total Reps: 41

    First time trying Ring Inverts! Very Challenging But Fun!!

    Great Job 7:00am Class!

  5. Nadine

    ~ Alright… for everyone who was wondering…
    Just came back from the neurologist and he’s sending me for an MRI and more blood tests…LOTS of blood tests, he said I was gonna feel like a vampire after all those…Ewww…
    He also said that because of my symptomes, that he thinks it might be ” Fibromyalgia” But we’re not sure of anything yet… we’ll see more after all those tests. They put a rush on it and all this should be done in ANOTHER 2-3 MONTHS… So more waiting for me…But at least, we’re getting somewhere I guess…

    1. Amanda

      more waiting..booo… well, I’m happy they’re moving things along for you even if it is taking more time than you’d like it to. Keep us posted, thanks for the update. xo

    2. Laura K

      Thanks for letting us know how your appointment went. Sharing this tough time period in your life takes courage. We appreciate the updates. We are all in your corner. Laura

    3. Nadine

      Thank you so much girls… Wouldn’t have this much courage to keep going if it wouldn’t be for all the great friends and family I have… I so lucky! Im not sure when I’ll be able to start again… The doctor “kinda” give me the ok, but he said to do it in moderation… For now, I just have to wait that I regain my “grip” … I can barely close my hands so it would be too hard to do anything…rings, bars…PLUS those stupid pills he wants me on… he said I will feel like Im on a hangover in the morning, until Im used to them… so it would be kind of hard to train…ahhhhhhhh… more waiting…. 🙁

      1. Lora

        If you have any questions about the pills the doctor is recommending, ask away. Although I’m a pharmacist, I’m not a fan of taking pills either (haha….weird eh?).

      2. Nadine

        Hey Laura 🙂
        He wants me to take ” Elavil” if Im not mistakin… really hard to read. But I called his secretary this morning to see if there was ANYTHING else I could take thats not in the anti-depressant family… I can’t see why I would have to take an anti-depressant to sleep better… and thats just to see that, if I have a good sleep, if I would be in less pain during the day. But why not just a “muscle relaxant” or something like that, if its just to see anyways?? Why prescribe a big drug like this? … to make money, right…

      1. Nadine

        Thanks Patrick and Rob!! Missing the gym THATS for sure!!!
        But my first question to him, after him telling me that I had to stop doing too much and slow down was “can I go back to the gym”… he started to laugh, but said yes… in BIG moderation. So, Im going back!! lol
        Gonna SUCK doing everything super modified, but its better then staying home!
        Im just waiting to see if what he wants to prescribe me helps at least my hands cause right now, I have no grip! Can’t close my hand without having shooting pain through my arms, would be hard to hold the bar… but no matter what, I have November 1st in my head so, pain-no pain, IM BACK! lol

  6. Amanda

    Strength: Front Squats
    5x 90-100-105-110-120

    WOD rx’d: 67 reps

    Both hands ripped on the 14th round – I’m SO sorry for the cursing! I’m working on my potty mouth. I had a relapse during the wod. lol.

    Great job nooners!

    I like the noon class more and more every time I do it! Definitely going to be doing it more often.

    1. Amanda

      I had a strategy to pace myself in the early rounds so that I wouldn’t fatigue my shoulders too early but I’m wondering if maybe I paced myself a little too much and could have gotten a few more reps if I had taken on a one more rep in the earlier rounds.

  7. Lance

    Squat Cleans 3s

    15 Rounds
    30 Secs Ring Inverts
    30 Secs Rest

    Reps: 76 RX

    First time ever doing these they were a lot of fun. Good time with the noon class

  8. Kevin MacK


    Warm-up x 2

    Strength: Back Squats X 5


    WOD: “Monkey Business”

    15 Rounds
    30 Sec Ring Inverts (substituted V-snaps and situps)
    30 Sec Rest

    Total Reps:
    30 V-snaps
    111 Situps

    Ran 400m after WOD

    Great sharing the bar with Christine and Elba(aka The Boss).

    Thanks, Amanda.

  9. Valérie Arseneau

    Front squat
    5x 75-80-85-90
    Felt very tired today… No PR

    WOD (Scaled to toes to rings)
    15 rounds. Ring inverts
    30 sec on
    30 sec rest

    Shoulder was giving me a hard time. Bright side, physio tomorrow!!

    felt good to be at the gym! Been 11 days since last time but it felt like forever!

  10. Frank

    Strength: push jerk x 5
    120-135-155-175-195(3) (5# PR for reps)

    For 15 minutes
    30 sec of Ring Inverts (scaled with toes 2 bar)
    30 sec Rest
    total: 119
    PR – I got the same total from earlier this year when I did toes through rings

  11. Heidi

    WU x 2

    Push Jerk x 5: 80-85-90-95-100

    WOD Rx’d: 34

    Geez, I wish that was a typo, but sadly it is not. I really struggled with this WOD, with the most demoralizing moment coming in round 3 when I had a big fat zero reps. GRRRR!

    1. Amanda

      Yup good job with the technique Eric, you didn’t let yourself come down until you were perfectly inverted on each one. I love that!

  12. Marcel

    WU x 2

    Back Squat x 3


    WOD Rx’d total 57

    First time doing ring inverts, definitely tough shoulders were toast.

  13. Shane

    Wu x2

    Clean pulls to 195

    Wod rx’d
    112 reps

    Really liked this one, took a lot of strength at first till I figured out how to use my legs!!!

  14. Lora

    OLY CLASS with Coach Patrick! 🙂
    Fun little group warm up
    Burgener x 3 (group)

    Some schoolin’ on Split Jerks and behind the neck Split Jerks
    (I’m really starting to get more comfortable with foot position on the land. This helped!)

    Behind the neck Split Jerk Practice:
    45-65-85-95-105-115-125-135-145-155 (10# PR over my regular split jerk)

    Awesome sharing a rack with you Chantal and Marie-No. You girls were putting up some nice weight. Thanks for the great feedback, ladies.

    Tonight’s “Take Aways”: That “confidence” Coach Patrick was talking about and better foot, front leg position too, I think.

  15. Joanna

    Did Jackie at Reebok Crossfit 5th Ave today

    10:29 – 9 sec pr and thy made us row with the damper setting on 10 ‘just for the extra challenge’ …

    Hope you’re all having a good week!

  16. Push jerk x 3
    120-135-145-155-165 PR#5

    Wod Rx
    Total: 97 (Pr of 4)

    6 solid rounds of 9 rep, then arms gave out. Not all that happy with this PR, but still an improvement.

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