Mastering the Double Under


Mastering the Double Under

Finally, the post you’ve all been waiting for. I’m not guaranteeing that you’ll rip out 100 unbroken doubles after reading this post, but it will certainly help move you in that direction.

1) Get REALLY good at singles. This means having an upright posture, elbows tucked in, hands in front of your body and rotating only at the wrists. The jump should be only a couple inches off the ground, staying on the balls of the feet. Also, make sure you’re jumping on the same spot.

2) Assess your wrists. Use the speed balls to see if one of your wrists is rotating faster than the other. The speed balls will also help you develop….you guessed it…speed.

3) Stay relaxed. A tense body will result in a tense rope, therefore shortening it’s length or slowing it’s speed.

4) Practice the power jump. Singles are 1-2 inch jumps off the floor. Doubles are 3-4 inch jumps off the floor. Without the rope, practice alternating between single and power jumps. Then, try for multiple power jumps.

5) Getting a rhythm. Start with 3 singles, then go for a double. If that is successful, try to continue the 3 singles afterwards. S-S-S-D-S-S-S-D. Then move on to 2 singles. S-S-D-S-S-D. And finally, 1 single. S-D-S-D.

6) Time it right. If you jump when the rope is overhead, the rope has to go two and a half rotations. Be patient. Wait until the rope is directly in front of your feet, then do the power jump. The rope will only need to do two revolutions now.

7) Go for multiple doubles! You may experience a pike or donkey kick. If that’s the case, go back to step 4.

Hope this helps. Ask a coach to watch you to assess your technique and to provide you with the steps you need to progress.

Watch the 2009 CrossFit Games Champion learn how to do double unders. Even the BEST have a hard time with certain movements.


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  1. Lora

    Jeff saw the lady in this video, Molly Metz, yesterday at a Crossfit event in Denver, CO.

    Check out “Double Double Unders” 🙂

  2. natacha

    home wod this morning with my 7 year old flipping the cards and calling the next move
    deck of card (burpees, squat, push ups and sit ups)
    16:33 (can’t compare but last time was over 19 min in sept)

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