Gym open again!


Gym open again!

Come in between 10am and 12pm to work on a strength, a skill and/or the workout of the day. Please register online for the class.

Skill of the Week – Ring Inverts

8 rounds
100m Run
8 Burpees

Compare to Nov.3/11

The top 3 fundraisers for the Girl Power Event

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  1. Jack

    Worked on skipping a bit. Still stuck at 5 DUs.

    Strength: shoulder press x 5
    95,115,125,135,140 (5# pr)

    WOD: 8 rounds
    100 m run
    8 burpees

    Time: 7:24

  2. Darsey

    Foam roll and chit chat.

    Time 7:31 while pushing Carter in running stroller. It was fun and Carter liked our first wod together. He kept on saying ” it’s a race daddy” when he saw Terry ahead of us. Haha.
    Thanks Amanda and Christine for turning the stroller around between rds.

  3. Gillyon

    Worked on cleans (thanks for the tips, Ron)
    WOD – 7:46

    Thanks Terry, Nick, and Ron for keeping an eye on my little miss. 🙂

  4. Kevin

    HUUUUGE thank you to everyone that helped with the gym renos today!!! I can’t believe how much was done in a short amount of time. Greatly appreciate all of your hard work!

    All members should watch this video. There are a few updates to our daily operations that are changing. Let me know if you have any questions.

  5. jeff

    Today was my one year anniversary at CFM.. can’t believe I was so reluctant to start something that has changed me so much, Thank you Lora for talking me into trying this.. 1st year- about 20 pounds lighter, MU, HSPU to name a few..became a trainer.. the one that has eluded me has been the DU, that’ll be the headliner on my list from here forward. Love being involved in this sport and being a part of this great community we have here at CFM, looking forward to many years to come!

    1. Lora

      Happy 1 YEAR Anniversary! My how time flies!

      I am so happy you love this sport as much as I do (otherwise we might never see one another…LOL). Keep up the hard work! You are a terrific athlete and a great coach. Look forward to seeing what the next year brings. Hopefully DUs…

    2. Ron

      Jeff, you bring so much to gym with your knowledge and enthusiasm but most of all your dedication to helping members and fellow coaches. I look forward to another fun year with you.

    3. Heather S

      Happy Anniversary Jeff – (it kills me say it but…) You’ve been a great addition to the CFT family so here’s to many more years (and DU’s)!!

    4. Gillyon

      Happy 1 year! 🙂
      You should come and explore a morning class to celebrate, and bring that pretty friend of yours too. I missed her a couple of weeks ago.

  6. Gabriel


    Foam Rolling and Lacross ball on shoulders.

    Daily Planks to 5 min

    WOD: 8 rounds
    100 m run
    8 burpees

    Time: 7:48

    Great job morning folks!

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