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“Gitty-up Time”

AMRAP in 10min
10 Shoot-throughs
Turkish Getups

Compare to Feb.9/12

Val with a great overhead squat

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  1. Mobility

    Practice Turkish Getups

    “Gitty-up Time”

    AMRAP in 10min
    10 Shoot-throughs
    5 Turkish Getups (35#)

    Score: 1 + 4 Turkish Getups

    The pushups in the shoot-throughs were hard, I didn’t want to scale though.

    Morning of firsts, first time doing:

    – toes through rings (both warmups, first round unbroken)
    – shoot throughs
    – turkish getups
    – 30 unbroken double unders, aka PR


    1. Lora

      Awesome work, Vincent! Imagine, you accomplished all of that before most people were out out bed this morning (including me!). 🙂

  2. Elba

    WU x 2

    Practice Turkish get up up to 30 lbs

    “Gitty-up Time”

    AMRAP in 10min
    10 Shoot-throughs (1st/ 3rd rd from toes, 2nd rd from knee)
    5 Turkish Getups (25 lbs)
    Total: 3 rds.

    I liked it 🙂 Good job 6am!!

  3. Gillyon

    Love the picture! Great technique!

    Practice turkish getups

    Modified WOD due to shoulder
    AMRAP 10 minutes
    10 ring dips (purple band)
    5 plate ground to overhead (25lbs)
    8 rounds

    Loved the ground to overhead. Felt powerful. 🙂

  4. Practice Turkish get up up to 50 lbs

    “Gitty-up Time”

    AMRAP in 10min
    10 Shoot-throughs
    5 Turkish Getups @ 40#

    Total: 2 rds + 2 Turkish Getups.

    Shoot-throughs Check! Those were fun, worked up a sweat pretty quick.

    1. Lora

      What else did you have on your “wish list”? We have checked off a few already, and its still only the first week of October? I wonder what else awaits us this month? If your ears are burning around 7PM tonight, its just me cursing you quietly, as I do my shoot-throughs…..;-)

  5. Steph L

    Warm-up x 2

    Practice Turkish getups

    AMRAP 10 min
    10 shoot throughs
    5 Turkish Get ups 15#’s

    2 Rnds + 6 Shoot Throughs

    Fun WOD!

  6. Valérie Arseneau

    Wish I was attending today. I’ve been wanting to try the turkish getups.

    I’ve seen it in a “work out for frisbee players” video a while back.

  7. Chantal L.

    WU x 2

    Practice TGU
    2 x 25 each hand
    2x 30 each hand
    1×35 each hand

    AMRAP 10 min
    10 shoot throughs (Knee bent pushups, half shoot half walk)
    5 Turkish Get ups 25#

    Total: 2 rounds + 10 Shoot throughs. Same score as last time, but according to coach K, a PR since I was able tu half jump the shoot throughs. I’ll take that! 🙂

    Cashout: 30 seconds bully stretch each arm

  8. Nice form on that OHS Val!!

    Practised Turkish Getups with 15 and 20lbs
    My bad shoulder did not agree with those

    Had to modify the entire wod:

    AMRAP in 10 minutes:
    10 ring dips
    5 floor to overhead plate (45#)

    Total: 9 rounds

    Thanks for tagging along Gill, that was a fun one!

    1. Lora

      Sorry your shoulder wasn’t cooperating for the Turkish Getups 🙁 The modified WOD you did looked like fun though! Great score! 🙂

  9. mobility
    wu x 2
    Practice Turkish Getups

    WOD : “Gitty-up Time”
    AMRAP in 10min
    10 Shoot-through
    5 Turkish Getups (40#)

    Total rounds = 2 rounds & 9 shoot through (no PR this morning)
    cash out – Bully stretch 30 sec each arm

  10. Shannon


    Group TGU practice

    WOD – AMRAP in 10 of:
    10 shoot throughs
    5 TGU (20#)
    = 3 rounds + 5 shoot throughs. This was a super fun one! Nice to meet the ‘noon crew’ – and thanks for motivating me (aka trying to keep up with you guys)!

  11. mobility
    wu x 2
    Practice Turkish Getups
    10×2, 15×2, 20×1

    WOD : “Gitty-up Time”
    AMRAP in 10min
    10 Shoot-through
    5 Turkish Getups (15#)

    Total rounds = 3 rounds & 5 shoot through (no PR this morning short ot on shoot through but used 5# more with my Trukish Getups)
    cash out – Bully stretch 10 sec each arm x 2

  12. Mobility
    WU x 2
    Practice Turkish Getups @ 25lbs

    WOD : “Gitty-up Time”
    AMRAP in 10min
    10 Shoot-through
    5 Turkish Getups (25#)

    Score: 3 rounds plus 10 shoot through’s.

    This was my first time doing this excercise and I could only roll on one of my shoulders so I went a little light. I would be comfortable doing this with 35lbs next time.

  13. Blake

    Hotel Gym WOD:

    2rnds of:
    –10 push-ups
    –10 sit-ups
    –10 dumbbell snatches @ 45# (right then left)

    I wanted to do 3 rounds but was low on time this AM. Got some great looks from the dude doing arm curls in the corner. I think I can at least get sub-6:30 if I try this again…had a couple interruptions.

    1. Lora

      Love the “looks” when you do Crossfit stuff at other gyms. When Jeff and I were in Dominican last winter we did the “Intro WOD” in the gym at the resort. Lots of stares. It was funny. 😀

  14. Marcel

    Wu x 2

    Practice Turkish getups

    WOD: AMRAP in 10 min

    10 shoot throughs
    5 Turkish getups with 40 lbs

    2 rounds + 1 TGs

    Shoulder burner!

  15. Amanda

    WOD with 20#, and used large kb’s for the shoot-throughs instead of parallette bars.

    = 3 rounds even

    2 rep PR but I’ll consider it a big PR, since last time I used parallette bars instead of the kb’s for the shoot-throughs – Holy mac the pushups on the kb’s were REALLY hard! My shoulders were toast!

    Nice work on your pistols tonight Kevin 🙂

    1. jeff

      Nice work on the wod Amanda.. I bow down to you using the KB, I was secretly happy that Matt decided to use them saving me from the pain and agony!! 🙂

  16. Lora

    WU x 2 (ring rows for first round, pullups for second)

    Practice TGUs

    AMRAP 10 min
    10 shoot throughs
    5 TGUs @30#
    Total = 2 rounds + 3 TGUs

    Well that WOD kicked my ass. TGUs felt ok, Very technical but I enjoy the movement. Takes a great deal of focus, coordination and flexibility. Shoot throughs? Oh my. Not a fan. The shoot “through” part felt fine. The shoot “back” portion was nasty. Wrecked my shoulders for some reason 🙁

    Cashout – bully stretch and some lacrosse ball love on shoulders

    Great job 6:30 crew!

    1. jeff

      the shoot through is a very shoulder intensive (read wrecking here! lol) move, not friendly to those with good shoulders let alone those suffering with them as you are. You did great considering you didn’t modify it (as multiple caregivers have told you! you should follow orders and modify the same as I always do for my knees! lol)

  17. Jeff L

    WU X 2

    Practice TGU’s


    AMRAP 10 min

    10 Shoot throughs
    5 TGU’s @ 35#

    Total – 3 rds even

    Last time was 2 rds and 5 ST with a 30# kb

  18. jeff

    2x WU
    practice some butterfly pullups..
    knee mobility

    Wod @40
    10 shoot through
    5 TGU

    4 rounds 6 shoot throughs
    Really liked this wod, but have this sneaky suspicion that I am not going to like it all 24 hours from now! lol..
    great job 6:30 crew

  19. Heidi

    WU x 1

    AMRAP in 10
    10 shoot thru’s
    5 turkish get ups @ 30#
    2 Rounds + 9 TG

    1 less rep. than last time, but 5# more. That extra 5# made a big difference.

  20. natacha

    WU x 2
    practice Turkish get ups to 30# (a little wobbly)

    WOD @ 20# (would have tried 25# if available)
    3 rounds + 2 shoot throughs (push ups on STs were tough!!)

  21. Heather S

    WU x 2
    practice Turkish get ups to 30# (a little wobbly)

    WOD @ 20# (right weight)
    2 rounds + 10 shoot throughs (push ups in round one from knees for second half . Definately hardest part of the wod!!)

    Fun to be with the 7 a.m. crew 🙂

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