How to get a muscle-up


How to get a muscle-up

We have a growing list of members in the trophy case that are getting muscle-ups. We have an equally growing list of those that would like to get one. If you’re one of those people, this post is for you.

Many people see a muscle-up and think it looks easy (you were probably watching Joanna). But there are a lot of prerequisites you should have before getting up on the rings.

1) Pullups – You need enough pulling power to get your body on top of the rings. Practice all variations of pullups, with emphasis on chest to bar pullups.

2) Ring dips – Get your bicep below the top of the ring and fully extend at the top. There’s nothing worse that getting on top of the rings, but not being able to press out.

3) False grip pullups – Similar to chest to bar, but practice holding the false grip followed by pullups (chest to ring).

4) Transition – Using a band on a set of lowered rings, sit in it and practice the transition from the pull to the dip. *Note – do not skip steps 1-3. They are just as important as the transition.

5) Jumping muscle-ups – Have the rings set above your head. With legs bent and arms at full extension, jump into the bottom of the muscle-up, while keeping the rings as close to your body as possible. Press out to finish the move.

6) Complete a muscle-up! *Note – If you didn’t, revisit Steps 1-5 daily. Ask a coach to watch you to give additional pointers.

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  1. Jeff

    Now for those of us who have the muscle up in our repetoire, we would like the same attention and light put on another trophy case skill.. The DU!! I’d even pay for a class!! Please!! 🙂 CC: Blake

  2. Trent

    Definitely need to work on false grip/transition into next MU. Hands all ripped up from Friday.

    WOD Crossroads for Women 250 5K

    Time 21:29 / pace 4:18

    Great event, they past their goal of $25,000 which was awesome. Congrats Natasha on a great run/walk, your road to recovery is making great progress.

  3. Natacha

    5krun for crossroads…
    (30 sec run- 30 sec walk intervals)
    Time 29:45 (was hoping for sub 35 min so pretty happy with this)

    Perfect weather for a run… And always fun when it’s for a good cause

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