Rainy day homework


Rainy day homework

I just finished watching this whole series of videos. It’s a look into the myths, lies, politics and the men who helped shape the food industry and how we view it. I’ll post the links to the entire series. If you watch it, let me know what you think in the comments. There’s some mind blowing information in them. You may not have time to watch them all, but please try to watch at least the first episode. Hope you like them.


Episode 1 – part 2

Episode 1 – part 3

Episode 1 – part 4

Episode 2 – part 1

Episode 2 – part 2

Episode 2 – part 3

Episode 2 – part 4

Episode 3 – part 1

Episode 3 – part 2

Episode 3 – part 3

Episode 3 – part 4

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  1. Jack

    Watched them all. Very similar to many others I’ve watched. Problem is, you do not want the government regulating what company’s can produce. They already control enough of what we can do. They do need to stop subsidizing corn and soy and start giving to local farmers and people who grow quality foods.

    In the end it is on parents to teach proper nutrition to their kids and for us to be aware of what we put in our bodies. If anything the government should implement nutrition and more physical education in schools.

  2. Corinna

    Watched the first one. Definitely plan on watching them all. These videos will help me with a new course I am teaching this semester called Nutrition and Healty Living. Thanks for posting these videos Kevin; very informative indeed.

    I agree one million percent with everything you posted Jack. Very well said!

  3. Lora

    Jeff and I spent today cooking and watching all parts of Episodes 1 and 2. I am shocked, angered, enlightened, educated and inspired by what I have seen thus far.

    The key IS education. Working in health care, I see some of the “worst of the worst”. Twenty-five year olds suffering their second heart attack; leaving the pharmacy with 10 different medications to treat their diabetes and heart disease. It is sad to see so many overweight and obese children headed in that direction and so many adults already there. Teaching our children proper nutrition is paramount.

    Great videos Kevin. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  4. Kevin

    The education part is tricky. Where do teachers/parents get their information? The Food Guide? Marketers? Dr.Oz? All are run by the almighty dollar.

    Even well intentioned people are misguided. There’s a lady at the market that sells “Paleo” recipe mixes. Just because they have paleo ingredients doesn’t mean it’s healthy. But people will make them and eat more than one…adding on the calories.

    It boils down to eating foods without packages. If the product has a health claim, then it’s probably hiding something else. Example – http://images.businessweek.com/ss/07/08/0814_softdrinks/image/eggo.jpg

    Anyway, I can talk about this all day. It’s a corrupt system we live in and it makes my blood boil.

    On that note, I hope to see a lot of faces at the Paleo Challenge info meeting on Wednesday!

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