Taping your hands


Taping your hands


21-15-9 of:
Handstand pushups
Ring dips

Compare to Aug.25/11


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  1. Andy


    Strength: Front Squats
    5x 135-155-185-205-225

    WOD โ€œJTโ€
    21-15-9 of:
    Handstand pushups (scale: 21 with ab. pad, 15 & 9 with ab. pad + 25# plate)
    Ring dips (scale with med. band, should have used a small band)
    Time: 13:32

  2. Maria

    Strength: Back squat 5x
    WOD โ€œJTโ€
    21-15-9 of:
    Handstand pushups (abmat and 10#plate)
    Ring dips (small purple band, hope to lose the band soon)
    Time: 15 :20

    Great job this morning everyone, that was fun on the arms! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Maria

      Just checked I did this last year, change for change time was 16:11. Did pike pushups and big band for dips. I’ll take it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Gilles

    wu x 2
    Strength – Shoulder Press x 5
    95, 110, 115×4, 125×1, 135×1

    WOD : ยจJTยจ20 min cap
    21 – 15 – 9
    scale – Shoulder Press (95#)
    Ring Dips
    Push Ups
    Time =16:57

  4. Rachel

    wu x 2
    strength – Back squats x 3
    45, 70, 80, 95, 105(x1 no reps)

    WOD : ยจJTยจ 20 min cap
    scale – Shoulder Press (55#)
    Rings Dips (purple band)
    Push ups (purple band last 9 no band)
    Time = 19:00

  5. Mob
    WU x 2

    Push Jerks 5’s

    WOD : ยจJTยจ20 min cap
    21 โ€“ 15 โ€“ 9
    scale โ€“
    Shoulder Press (60 lbs)
    Paralette Dips
    Push Ups (purple band)
    Time =13:21

    Good Job everyone!! Note to myself tried to do ring dips instead of paralette dips, I need to get out of my comfort zone ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. wu x 2
    Strength โ€“ Deadlifts x 5
    140-150-160-170-180(PR 5#)

    WOD : ยจJTยจ20 min cap
    21 โ€“ 15 โ€“ 9
    HSPU 45# & abmat(need to try with 25# next time)
    Ring Dips – med band
    Push Ups
    Time =16:05

    Never really learnt kipping HSPUs, but on the 15’s I learnt them pretty quick. Really liked this wod.

  7. Blake

    WU x 2 (no push-ups)

    Skipping Practice: Could only manage a few “3’s” and a couple chains of single-double-single. I hadn’t practiced in awhile so I know I need to keep at it more regularly.

    HSPU Practice (w/ ab-mat & 25# plate): 5 IN A ROW! PR!!!
    Well…closer to 4.5 as I started with my head on the mat instead of in handstand position…glad to make some progress there. Thanks for the tips Tom!

    –Pike Push-ups (from toes w/ large box )
    –Ring Dips (w/ small purple band)
    –Push Ups

    Most of the 15’s and 9’s were sets of 3…”future me” will push a little harder on the 9’s though.
    Great coaching Pat! Awesome job 7 AM-ers!

  8. Rob Brydges

    Strength overhead squat x1
    45 55 70 85×2 95×2 pr

    WOD ย “JT”
    Handstand pushups. ย  Did pikes
    Ring dips. Small band

    In 14:12
    Rob Brydges

  9. Tom

    warm up as posted
    strength. back Squat
    [email protected] 155, 175, 185, 195, 205

    WOD JT
    Ring dips, purple band


    Holy Cow Batman, that was a work-out.
    when they look easy on paper then watch out it is going to be tough.
    great job 7 am’ers

  10. Christine

    WUX1 (strict pull ups with green band)
    Back Squat: 65×5; 75×5; 85×5; 95×5; 105×5-my legs and my right knee are getting there slowly….
    HSPU-with #45 and ab mat
    Ring dips-with green band
    Push ups-on knees
    Time: 8:31
    I could’ve done the HSPU with a #25 and ab mat and the ring dips with a smaller band…not sure about push ups on toes!! That was definitely a shoulder burner for sure!!! Awesome job 0830 class!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Lora

      Good lord, you were fast on this one!! Definitely go with 25# plate (or less) and ab mat for your HSPUs next time! Well done!

    2. jeff

      holy crap thats fast, great job on the Wod Christine, you are turning into that other Bachmann, tearing wods apart!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Michelle Doucet

    cleans x 5 45 to 85

    WOD : ยจJTยจ20 min cap
    21 โ€“ 15 โ€“ 9
    scale โ€“
    Shoulder Press (40 lbs)
    Paralette Dips
    Push Ups (knees)
    Time =11:31

    Shoulder burn!! I find the WOD’s that I have to scale E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G very humbling.

    1. Amanda

      That just means you have lots of different goals & PR’s for next time you do this one. ๐Ÿ™‚
      And, most people have to scale at least something in this one anyway. I’ve been CF’ing for 2+ years and I’d have scaled 2 out of 3 of the movements today.

  12. Chantal Guerette

    WU x 2

    Strength Deadlifts 5 x 95-100-105-110-115

    WOD “JT”
    – Shoulder press at 35 for the 1rst round and then 30lbs
    – Ring dips with purple band
    – Knee pushups

    Time : 11:31

    No too bad I guess. My arms are still shaking haha !! I’m playing volleyball tonight… It should be intresting ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks coach !

  13. Gillyon

    Front squat (3) 65-80-95-105-110

    WOD: JT
    HSPU with 25lbs plate
    Ring dips with small purple

    DNF ๐Ÿ™
    Finished the 15s and attempted the 1st HSPU but failed it 3 times

    I burnt ou too fast on the set of 21. I went to failure on the HSPUs. Got 8, then 3, then 3 more…then it went downhill from there. A bit humbled with a side of frustration.

    1. Lora

      This one was WAY harder than it looked. Muscle fatigue set in pretty quickly for me too. I know you gave it your all, Gillyon, and really, what else matters?

  14. Tom

    public service annoucement
    Completion of this WOD will result in substantial pain and muscle cramping as well as loss of mobility to the upper body within 3 hours after completion of the WOD.
    just saying

      1. Amanda

        LOL! Yes – it’s like they have some kind of a warning/danger magnet. ‘ooooh, that’s going to hurt? Lemme try it…”

  15. Darsey

    Clean to 155 x 5 pr of 5#
    Jt 21-15-9
    Handstand pushups with ab mat and 25# plate
    Ring dips
    Time 12:28
    This was my first ever crossfit wod. First time did 70 # shoulder press and parallettes dips time was 15:58. Did it again on Jan 2 time 9:10. This time a bit slower but with handstand pushups and ring dips.

    1. Amanda

      Nice work Darsey! I saw this morning when I checked last year’s posts that this was your first workout and was anxious to see your results today! Nice progress! I still remember your surprise at how fatigued your shoulders were because when you looked at the wod on the board it was deceiving. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Darsey

        Thanks. Yep, you’re right this wod on paper does not look that bad. This was supposed to be my rest day but I had to try it again.

  16. Mob
    WU x 2 (no push ups)

    Strength : Front Squats x 5
    95-115-130-140-145 (pr)
    WOD Rx’d
    Time :16:33

    Pumped about this one! Last year I did this WOD with Shoulder Press @65# and paralette dips with a time of 17:39. It’s awesome to see hard work pay off!!!!

  17. Jeff L

    WU X 2 – no pushups

    Strength – Back Squat X 5


    WOD – “JT”


    HSPU scaled to Shoulder Press @ 115#
    Ring Dips scaled to Paralette Dips

    Time – 14:45

    Thanks for sharing the bar tonight Mario and Kevin.

  18. Amanda

    WOD at CF Kinetics:

    Run 500m
    9 Power cleans (scaled to 65% of max clean: 75#)
    21 pushups
    Run 400m
    9 hang power cleans (75#)
    21 pushups
    Run 200m
    9 hang squat cleans (75#)
    21 pushups
    Run 100m

    T = 14:24

    Great workout!

    Hoping to make it back ‘home’ to CFM in time to workout with my peeps on Friday night!

    1. Amanda

      oh AND, I got a CF Kinetics t-shirt – on the back it says: “Be proud of your technique”. What a coincidence, that’s my favorite thing!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Lance


    WU x2 no push ups
    Front Squats 1s


    Handstand Push ups (pike pushups)
    Ring dips (Purple Med Band)
    Push Ups

    Time: 15:44

    Arm destruction on this one but its ok because i got my first ring dip without any bands right before the WOD so im very happy with that. Great job tonight everyone.

  20. Heather S

    WU X 2 (No push ups – it becomes obvious why shortly ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    Strength: Deadlift 3″s
    150-165-180-190-200 (PR for reps)

    WOD “JT” (20 min time cap)

    HSPU (Scaled shoulder press 65% – 55#)
    Ring dips (med purple band)
    Push ups

    Time: 19:18

    As usual a Hero wod delivers the hits big time! First push up in the round of 15 I wound up flat on my face when my arms failed to co-operate! Thought I was done-for then but managed to finish in 3’s and 4’s . Push ups were hardest and ring dips were the rest – maybe should use less rubber band next time although I had nothing left in last round and did last 3-4 push ups one at a time.

    To those of you doing HSPU – Freakin’ nuts people. I just wanted to finish under the cap and I barely managed that. Upper arms are a waistland – Good times at cross fit ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. jeff

      Great job on the Wod Heather, pulled it in under the wire!! attention whore that you are! lol.. I expected nothing less than you making sure your whole class was gathered around to see you finish!! LMAO cause i know you are too!!
      and thank you for falling on your face in the second round as the rest of us were then forewarned by the coach to be careful of it, I believe I owe you my front teeth that I was able to keep!!

  21. Corinna

    WOD ” JT ”
    20 minute time cap!


    HSPU’S with abmat and 25 lb plate
    Ring dips
    Push ups


    Super happy that I finished this WOD under the time cap! The set of 15’s were brutal. Thanks for making me work harder Marcel; I was trying to keep up with you the entire WOD!

    Last year: 17:25. Did shoulder press and used yellow band for my ring dips last year so I am really pleased with my progress!

  22. Kevin

    Front Squats x2
    up to 230

    Snatch x1
    up to 140

    Jerks x1
    up to 190

    JT rx’d

    Last time, I did this in 19:54. Very happy with the PR today!

  23. Marcel


    WU x 2 no push ups

    Skipped strength in foam rolling my upper back & lacrosse on the shoulder blades.

    WOD โ€œJTโ€

    21-15-9 of:

    Handstand pushups (used 25 lb plate & ab mat)
    Ring dips

    Time: 19:37

    Just got in under the cap. Got pretty brutal after the round of 21.

  24. Lora

    WU x 2 (no push ups)

    No strength – lacrosse ball on shoulders and shoulder stretching instead

    Practiced some HSPUs and Ring dips

    WOD “JT”

    HSPU (25# plate + 10# plate + abmat)
    Ring dips (with 2 skinny bands)
    Push ups (the only part I did Rx…ha!)

    DNF – did 4/9 push ups at the 20:00 time cap. Thanks for the encouraging cheers everyone!

    The good news is I finally learned to kip HSPUs, so they should be quicker for me in WODs from now on. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nice work 6:45 crew! That was a tough one!!

    1. jeff

      nice job on the WOD Lora, you were so close.. and congrats on learning the kip for the HSPU that will help in the future for sure..

    2. Blake

      You should change that “DNF” to “Gave EVERYTHING I had and worked out at 100% full intensity for 20 min straight”

      … might not fit on the whiteboard though…

  25. jeff

    WU x 2

    foam roll, lacrosse ball.. stretching..

    Wod Rx
    something with HSPU over the last couple of weeks has clicked for me, not sure what it is.. did 15 of the first 21 a PR of 5 consecutive.. ๐Ÿ™‚


    awesome job everyone in the 6:30 crew, lots of energy at the box tonight..

  26. Gabriel

    WUx2 no pushups

    Strength – KB sumo deadllifts x7 (keeping it light, still feel slight discomfort in back)

    Daily Planks to 5 minutes

    WOD โ€œJTโ€ (20 min time cap)

    HSPU (Scaled shoulder press 65% โ€“ 85#)
    Ring dips (parallettes)
    Push ups

    Time: 17:12

    Great job 6:45 class!

    Rest in peace JT

  27. Heidi

    WU x 2

    Front Squats x 3:
    110-115-125-135-140 (Failed on # 2)

    HSPU with 25# plate + ab mat
    Ring Dips with skinny band
    Push Ups
    Time = 16:49

    Shoulders are feeling every one of those reps!

  28. Leesa

    WUx2 no pushups

    Strength Ohs x 5
    45-50-55-60-65 pr

    Scale to Shoulder Press 45#
    Paralette Dips
    Push ups purple band


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