So we’ve had a lot of pullups this week. And you can be sure there will be more coming up.

Taking care of your hands is very important. If you rip your hands, holding on to the pull up bar or a barbell can be challenging and painful.

Here’s a short clip I did a while back on how to take care of your callouses. I’ll shoot another video this week on how to tape your hands if you already have a rip.


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  1. Ron

    Hope everyone takes a well deserved rest today. There were some killer WOD’ this week and to those who did Murph yesterday….. WOW, that was awesome to see it attacked with so much passion. Quitting is definitely not in your vocabulary.

  2. Lora

    Anyone else completely wrecked from “Murph” yesterday?
    The WOD that keeps on giving….LOL!
    Happy for a rest day today. 🙂

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