Often times, you’ll see a cashout written at the bottom of the whiteboard. It’s generally a specific stretch meant to target the area that was just worked out.

Do you treat it as optional? Or maybe you’ll do it at home? Do you really?

It’s true – not everyone needs to stretch. Some people (like Steph L) are so flexible, they could use some tension in their muscles. But the majority need to stretch.

Take note of the stretches we do that you find particularly challenging. Does the Reverse Samson feel like torture? Does the Wall Stretcher make you shake like a leaf? If so, DO THEM DAILY. Take note of those stretches that are really tough and do them every single day.

Become a supple ninja, and you WILL improve your Fran time. That’s a guarantee!

For more information, check out our Stretching Section or the Mobility WOD.

Your homework for today – DO THIS!


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  1. Maria

    I sometimes skip the cash out, very limited for time in the mornings.. But I make sure to stretch everyday. It makes a huge difference.

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