Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

July 24th – 2nd instalment of the CrossFit Prep Course (still 2 spots remaining)

July 28th – 4th Annual Atlantic Hopper Event (check website for important details)

July 28th – Post Hopper Party @ 7pm

August 11th – Beach WOD in Grand Barachois @ 11am

August 11th – CrossFit Camping Night @ Sandy Beach

November 17-18th – Olympic Lifting Course (details to come soon)

Allison Ethier (the 2009 North American Fitness Champion) visited us from Sherbrooke.

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  1. Lora

    WOW lots of great things going on at Crossfit Moncton. Excited for the beach WOD! Stoked for the Olympic lifting course. More nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs for the Hopper. Eeeeeeek!

  2. Kevin

    For those competing, I highly recommend taking Friday off completely. Thursday is up to you…but I wouldn’t be going 100%. You want to be fresh.

  3. Kev M

    Stupid Nerves…The more i read about the hopper and think about it, the more flips my stomach does. haha.. Feels like a championship game is coming up, like in college when we played St Thomas for the maritimes rugby champioonship..(cough cough… Shawn…. which we won..cough cough.. Shawn 🙂 haha just kidding buddy).

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