What could be better than the CrossFit Games?


What could be better than the CrossFit Games?

This weekend is the CrossFit Games. If you haven’t seen any of it yet, check out this live stream – Spectator Stream. Today is the last day of competition and it’s going to be epic. The event started with a 700m swim, 8km bike and 11km run. And then a boat load of other stuff all weekend. To say it’s amazing would be an understatement.

However, I do find something even more amazing than the athletes at the Games.

The athletes at CrossFit Moncton amaze me the most.

We have Christine, who is doing full depth squats, after undergoing knee surgery not long ago.

We have Tim, who took a few months off, come back and run 3km (when he could have easily taken a “rest day”).

We have Mom, who is still lifting heavy and setting new personal records, even after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

We have Natacha, who tore her achilles tendon playing frisbee, come back to the gym after three months and hit workouts like she never took time off.

And we have Gillyon, who did 150 double unders and 150 situps in 6 minutes, even after having an emergency C-section only 6 months ago.

There are SO many more amazing stories. The CrossFit Games athletes may be crazy strong and super fit, but it’s the members at CrossFit Moncton that give me goosebumps! Thanks for being so inspirational!


Natacha warming up with the Man Test

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  1. Kevin McD

    SWEET MOTHER… my computer won’t play the Games feed and my computer guy (Brad) is at the Mudder… i’m sure he’ll swing back real quick between obstacles… 🙁

    1. Joanna

      Hasn’t started yet today if you were trying to play it earlier that’s why it wouldn’t have worked. Will start at 8am PST today.
      If it still won’t work then just go buy a new laptop 🙂

    2. Kevin McD

      IT WORKED!!….yaaaay….until Fran started and it overheated and crashed… boooo. Then i got it going again…yaaay..then it overheated and crashed again during the HSPU..booo. Technology imitating real life maybe?. i’m gonna go wallow in a pound of bacon. :(…(yay?). 🙂 lemme know how it turns out. haha

    1. Lora

      I love how you are a new mother and you still find time for your workouts. You are a wonderful role model for your daughter. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Christine

    The small things in life…being able to do a full squat!!! LOL I thank god everyday for finding Crossfit…especially Crossfit Moncton….it has changed my life for the better in every way possible!!! 🙂

    1. Lora

      Its crazy what we take for granted sometimes, isn’t it? There are days I leave the gym feeling disappointed about my results…when really I should just be thankful that I am able to be there in the first place. I would be a wreck if I couldn’t work out. For me, there are days when the mental benefits of crossfitting outweigh the physicial 😉

  3. Mario

    Warm-up: 20 unbroken pull ups on a fatter bar…

    WOD: Tough Mudder @ Mount Snow
    Time = 5h+

    Had a FANTASTIC time with the CFM crew and all the other crossfitters on our team. We all agree that Crossfit has us mentally ready to chug along and power through 10 miles of hiking up and down some very steep hills, some tough obstacles and doing this as a true team.

    Hope a bunch of you decide to join in when we do this again!

  4. Nadine

    Awesome post… you’re right Maria! We have some pretty amazing members!!
    And GREAT JOB Mario, and everybody else who went to Tough Mudder !!
    Next year…maby?? 😀

  5. Chantal G

    Wow… Great post Kevin. While moving in our new house this past week, I noticed that I’m a lot stronger than before. For 2 days straight, I loaded and unloaded boxes and I was not even sore after !!! Thanks CFM for changing my life in soooo many ways 😀

  6. jeff

    great post kevin.. there is a fantastic camaraderie here at cfm that can’t just be forced!.. an amazing group of people first and athletes second.. love that support and love to be one of the supporters, as i know each one of the group feel the same! 🙂

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