Journal Etiquette


Journal Etiquette

You – “What weight should I use?”

Me – “Let’s see what you used last time. Oh, it’s not in your journal. Hmm.”

Have we had this conversation before? If so, you need to start keeping detailed (and mandatory) records in your journal.

Here’s a sample

Write down the warm-up (any subs), the strength lift  and reps and sets, the workout with weights/bands/subs, your results, and how it felt.

You can even write what time of day you did the workout, how much sleep you had, your nutrition. The more detail you write, the better chance you have of producing better results. If you know the conditions it takes to hit PR’s, then it’s motivating to continue with those conditions (ie. 9 hours of sleep, etc.).

Keeping detailed notes in your journal WILL help you improve

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  1. Robyn

    I write everything down. However, someone else reading it would need the Rosetta Stone to decode it! #chickenscratch

  2. Mario

    I tend to write down a bunch of stuff, sometimes even how ive broken up sets of reps during WOD. Its only once in a while that it comes in handy, but im glad when it does.

    Also, I prefer to write down my stuff before coming to the gym, I have terrible in-gym handwriting.

  3. Heather S

    I added a page to the inside front cover of my book to keep track of my PR’s for strength, running (by distance) and other things that come up in practice. Makes it easier to find when I’m trying to figure out what to do in a WOD that I’m scaling. Then I can also move it when I start a new book.

    I also have a bunch of 🙂 or 🙁 (sometimes with tears/sweat added)!!

  4. Amanda

    I don’t write down what I did for a warm up, but I write everything else. And i also like to have it written before I come to the gym, to save time… Especially the strength numbers.

    WOD @ Crossfit Collisseum:

    AMRAP 8 minutes:
    8 pushups
    10 med ball cleans
    12 situps

    I THINK 3 rounds + 8 pushups…it could have been 4 rounds. I didn’t have any pennies to count with. 😉

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