Member Appreciation Party!


Member Appreciation Party!

Today at 12pm, we’ll be celebrating our members by having them over for a pool party and BBQ. We have all the food and drinks. All you need to bring is a towel and swim trunks.

If you need directions, just shoot Kevin an email.

BONUS – There will be an open gym tomorrow from 6-7:30pm. 

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  1. Blake

    Sorry for not making it out! Kids + Heat + Canada Day stuff took a lot longer than I had planned.
    Really liking all the new things CFM is bringing to the table! Certainly feeling appreciated!

    1. Jack

      Also, thanks for the party. Really enjoyed the pool and all the company. Wish my night had not been so late so I could have been more alert today.

    2. Patrick

      The “open gym” is free time for you to work on a skill or a strength. There will be a posted wod but not mandatory. Keep in mind that you still have to register it counts as a class on your membership.

    3. Kevin

      There will be a posted workout. You won’t need to register for this one. Consider it a free-be. You can show up at anytime between the posted hours.

  2. Laura K

    Happy Canada Day. I worked nights (lucky me) last night and I just got up an hour ago. I think I am in worse shape than Jack! Sorry to miss the fun at the pool. It was very nice of you to offer the invite. Hopefully, there will be a second invite some day.

  3. Paula-Marie aka PM

    I want to thank the crossfit family for all their support! I work in an occupation where lifting is involved. I have been hesitant to assist for the last few year and have let the younger staff due most of the lifting. This week I have been able to assist with the lifting and the staff has complimented me on my strength and on my disappearing “muffin top” . We went out to supper on Thursday night and many of my friends said I was looking good. They want to know what I have been doing to look younger. I told them I joined this family of people who are so supportive..The family is crossfit. So I want to say thank you. Because the truth being known I almost quit 2 or 3 times but those high fives or way to go and you should have seen me when I joined really made a difference. at my age…almost 29! It is hard to do something new. You crossfit people are really a different breed which is all good!!!

    1. Laura K

      Paula-Marie…I am very glad you did not quit. Your positive, cheerful, hard working attitude has helped me to hang in there. It is hard to do something new but I am starting to get the bug for it. We will suffer happily together.

    2. Amanda

      PM we are so happy to have you with us!! Congratulations on all your successes so far – there are many more to come and we look forward to being there with you for all of them!

    3. Lora

      Paula-Marie, it is so great having you around the gym. Your positive attitude and laughter are contagious. I, too, am happy you kept coming back.

      It doesn’t matter how old, or young you are. Crossfit can benefit everyone. Congratulations on your accomplishments thus far. 🙂

  4. Heather S

    Thanks Kevin and Jo for playing host today and Heather and Frank for opening your home. Great time with a great group as usual:) Happy Canada Day everyone!

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