Studying vs Testing


Studying vs Testing

We were all in school at one point. We had homework, study times, tests and exams. Some people were naturally gifted, and some needed to bust their butt just to make it through.

Could you imagine a school that did a test everyday. No studying. Just tests after test. What do you think the success rate would be? Epic fails all around. What if you went to a school that allowed frequent studying, provided lots of teaching and had occasional tests. Epic winning all around!

Strength training is no different. If you treat every day like a test (going for max weight), you’re setting yourself up for failing. You need to spend time studying (working on form and technique). People that spend more time focused on studying will have better test results (getting new personal records).

Which school do you want to be a part of?

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  1. Laura K

    Is it too late for me to make the Olympic London 2012 Team? Is there a wagon wheel section? All jokes aside, it is better to be lifting wagon wheels than eating them!

    I am very glad I got past my fear and joined crossfit. Kevin and Joanna have helped me a lot by being bang on with scaling my work outs. The scaling has been perfect for me as I am getting great workouts while still feeling part of the gang.

    I admire how hard everyone works. I am loving my new buddies. Thanks for the help and laughs.

    Ps. It is just a matter of time before I take Corinna’s DU’s crown.

    1. Lora

      Laura, it is such a pleasure having you at CFM. I love your positive attitude and crazy sense of humour. Looking forward to sharing many more WODs and many more laughs with you.

  2. Tom

    Welcome aboard Laura, it is good to see you made the step and joined. Corrina’s DU crown , piece of cake, 3 weeks and you got it. love your smile and sense of humour. enjoy the work-outs

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