Take a look around


Take a look around

What do you think of our new website?

You’ll see that members can now register directly from the main page (just click the calendar on the sidebar). Testimonials have been updated. Lots more pictures. User friendly for first-time visitors. And WODs are still posted on the main page (just scroll down).

There’s been many more updates, so feel free to explore!

Rory jumping for joy about the new site!

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  1. Blake

    Awesome job! Thank you for keeping the WoDs on the main page…my OCD couldn’t have handled it!
    Really nice work guys!

    1. Kevin

      That’s one of my biggest pet peeves on CF site…they hide their wods. When creating this site, I had the first time visitor in mind, but also needed to address the concerns of the current members.

      Glad everyone likes it! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

  2. Hannah

    Very cool!
    4 K run this a.m.
    Today I would like to give a shout out to a fellow Crossfitter, Johan, who has a really big heart. Like Kevin, he’s not one to brag about his good deeds in the community. In addition to organizing the Gala Expo (where girls can get designer gowns for a great price), Johan makes it possible for needy RHS grads to attend their prom (and look great) through his store, ACS Formals, by providing tuxes and dresses for them. Thank you, Johan!!!

  3. Jeff s

    Gallery of photos link (and put all kinds of pics and videos!)
    Have to put in name and email each comment ? Is this just my I phone or same for everyone?

  4. still love the site!! Really neat

    i’ve been clicking on everything, I don’t see lot’s more pictures. Not sure if I am missing a button somewhere.

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