It’s Hopper Time


It’s Hopper Time

Registration for the 4th Annual Atlantic Hopper Event is NOW OPEN!


The Hopper Event will bring CrossFitters from around the Maritime provinces to compete in a completely random workout. There will be various exercises placed in a bin and drawn out at random.

It’s a fun and friendly event that can be scaled to anyone’s level. There will be prizes for the top athletes, both male and female, as well as many door prizes. Participants will also receive lunch. Spectators are encouraged to come watch and cheer for what’s going to be a great event.

Date: July 28, 2012
Location: 25 Alcock St., Moncton, NB
Cost: $20 + $2 service charge
Time: See schedule

Check out the video from the 2010 Hopper!


14 Responses

  1. Amanda

    For all the new folks and people who aren’t sure if they’re ‘fit’ enough for this, definitely sign up! The workout can be scaled just like any other Crossfit wod and just because you scale doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sign up. There’s so much great energy in the gym! It’s SUCH a fun day!

  2. Kevin McD

    Hope workout 3 times a week with runs inbetween to train?… whos with me?.. huh?…. no….nothing?… i feel i just lost friends. 🙂

  3. Blake

    FINE! I signed up! I wasn’t going to but then I read the waiver…

    You had me at:
    “I have been informed and understand that adverse changes are possible during exercise and could include …vomiting, …heart attack, …or death.”

  4. I wish I wasn’t working 3 to 11 tomorrow, mobility class sounds amazing!

    Valerie – I just got a Muse cd! Im excited to check them out!! 🙂
    Blake – Lol! I saw that too… intense.

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