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“Death by Burpee Box Jumps”

With a continuously running clock do one Burpee Box Jump the first minute, two Burpee Box Jumps the second minute, three Burpee Box Jumps the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

I believe I can fly

66 Responses

  1. Kevin

    Push Jerks x7
    135-145-155-165-180 (PR)

    Decided to try Death by Triple Unders. I’ve always wanted to try TU’s in a wod, and thought today would be a great opportunity.

    Got 9 rounds + 9 reps

  2. Tom

    WU X 2
    strength dead lift
    155, 185, 185, 205, 235

    death by burpee box jump
    8 rounds plus 3
    caught the box on the jump, landed wierd, and twisted something in the lower back. pulled myself out of the WOD to avoid any further damage. (note to mysef, jump higher!! ha ha)

  3. WUx2

    Strength: Deadlifts 5s

    WOD: 12rds + 11reps

    Remembered yesterdays’s Deadlift tips and had much better form and breathing control.

  4. Chantal L.

    WU x 2

    No strength – Worked on softening my lower back… it was pretty stiff after yesterday!

    WOD: Death by burpee box jumps (20”) Wasn’t as bad as I thought…
    6 rounds + 6 burpees

    Calf wall stretch 2x 20 sec each leg.

  5. Gillyon

    CW x 2
    Deadlifts 95-115-135 (5s) was running late this morning…so only 3 sets

    WOD – 11 + 8 rounds
    Was thankful I was close to Jo and Dave. They had a great pace and I paced myself off of them.

  6. Darsey

    Push Jerk X 3 to 155 Pr for reps
    Wod: Death by burpee box jump
    13 Rds + 11 reps
    Thanks for the encourage everyone, it certainly helped.

  7. Maria

    WU x 1
    Skipping 2 min

    Box 20″
    10 rds + 8 reps

    Ran out of steam fairly quick on this one, happy with my score!

  8. Krista

    WU x 1
    running late…no Skipping 2 min

    Box 18″
    10 rds + 8 reps

    Ran out of steam fairly quick on this one, goal was to get past 10 rounds – so did it! That no break between rounds 10 and 11 killed me…ends up being how many can you do in a row and keep pace : )

    Good job Lunch crew!!

  9. Heather S

    WU X 2
    Strength – foam roller/stretching rt leg

    WOD: Death by burpee box jumps
    (Sub’d step ups for box jumps) – 20″ box

    10 r + 7 reps

    Slower doing step ups than box jumps but easier cardiowise and for my leg. Still good work out considering how I felt when I first rolled out of bed this a.m. 🙂

  10. Hannah

    wu x 1
    2 min skipping (broken)
    front squat x 3: 85, 95, 100, 105, 110

    wod: 4 x 45 # plates and no shoes (note to self: stop forgetting them!)

    7 rounds + 7 reps

    Thanks for the encouragement, Jeff! Nice meeting you, Shawn (Shaun) (Sean) ?

  11. Frank

    wu x 1
    2 min skipping

    clean x 5
    110-130-150- 165-185 (5# pr for reps)
    WOD: Death By Burpee Box Jump

    Score: 10 + 5

  12. Sarah

    WU x 1
    2 min skipping
    Strength: backsquat – 45-50-55-55
    Stopped to stretch with lacrosse ball

    “Death By Burpee Box Jump”

    Score: 9 + 9

    BRUTAL….. just couldn’t get that 10th one in!!

  13. Valérie

    WU x 1
    2 min skipping
    Strength: Push Press – 20 – 25 – 30 – 35 – 40

    My knee was still being an asshole so I did Death by Pull ups

    Score: 8 + 6

  14. Blake

    WUx2 (Thanks for the T2B tips Jeff!)
    2 min skipping

    Strength: Front Squat x 5

    WOD: Death by Burpee Box Jumps”

    Score: 10 + 9
    Wanted “1 more round” but ran out of time/gas…

    Brutal, fantastic

  15. Chris

    wu x 1
    2 min skipping
    strength: push press – 95-115-125-135-145 (x5)

    “Death by burpee box jump”
    Score: 12 + 3

    Just died in the 12 round.. had nothing left!! Must have been the extra one we did in the 5th round Jeff!! lol

    Thanks Jeff P for a great class!

  16. Lora

    WU x 1
    2 min double unders

    Strength: Push Press (x5)

    WOD “Death by Burpee Box Jumps”
    Score = 10 rounds + 9

    Suckage factor was huge on that one. Makes Triple Unders sound like fun 🙂

    1. Jeff S

      Nice job on this one lora, and the suck factor is mild, right up to 8.. Then it’s an exponential slope from there! Lol

  17. Jeff S

    2mins skipping
    Foam roll, calf mobility, lacrosse ball

    14 rounds + 11 reps
    Loved this WOD, burpees one of my favs.. Nice race Sean but you buried me last round!! 🙂

  18. wu x 2
    strength – Back squats x 1
    135, 155, 205, 225, 245

    WOD : “Death by Burpee Box Jumps”

    Score = 10 rounds + 7 reps
    cash out = wall calf stretch 2 x 20 sec each

  19. Lora

    Jeff S :Loved this WOD, burpees one of my favs..

    Clearly you are delerious. Not enough oxygen?

    Seriously though, great job on the WOD. Everything after round 10 was painful…

  20. Heidi

    WU x 2

    Push Press x 5: 60-65-70-75-80

    WOD with 20″ box
    10 Rounds + 7

    Agreed, Lora, it wasn’t terrible until round 10 and then it all went to hell really really fast. Fun one though.

    Some really impressive scores today. 14 & 15+ rounds….that’s just crazy.

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