Take a break…


Take a break…

Words of wisdom from CrossFit Lisbeth

The trouble with karma is that it takes so long to arrive sometimes …

We want everything NOW.

Justice? Now. Results? Now. Oh, and forgiveness now and maybe some total memory loss too, when we’re on the wrong side of the finger-pointing.

Just like we want our pull-ups NOWand then our butterfly pull-ups, and now our new levitating butterfly pull-ups. (There’s no such thing. I’m just f***ing with ya. Don’t email me for tips.)

Anyhow, the point here is that the answer is to have patience in the gym and in life, but that’s sooooo damn boring. Telling people to have patience is like telling them to like vegetables. (Oh, wait, we’re CrossFitters. We like vegetables, even the famed dreaded Brussels sprouts. Turns out that if you roast them with bacon, they’re delicious. Although this might be true of almost anything. Roasted bark with bacon — recipe coming to your Paleo blog soon!)

So, the trick is not to think of it as patience. It’s just breathing. Pausing. Recovering. Taking a moment to gather your strength. It’s not waiting, it’s not lingering, it’s not stupid downtime that you hate so much, like the fact that you have to sleep every night and miss fantastic things happening in the world. You were born to act and make shit happen, not sit on your ass like some fool letting life pass you by!

Oh wait, that was just me again. Never mind.

But, seriously, you have to learn to breathe or you’re going to pass out. You have to learn to pause, to have patience, to rest, or you’re going to burn out. Don’t be in such a rush all the time. Be smart. Stop. Learn. Listen. Maybe even do nothing — absolutely nothing — once in a while. It’s not going to kill you, or derail your plans for world domination. It’s actually going to help. Keep working hard, but sometimes learn to just breathe. Everything will come in due time. Or it won’t. And life will go on …

Take a break. Relax. Stretch. It won’t be the end of the world if you take a rest day.

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  1. Lora

    I know one thing: my legs are making sure today is a REST DAY for me. Just getting up off of the couch has been almost impossible! I’m thankful my children are old enough to do things for me, yet still too young to go anywhere without me! LOL! Happy Mother’s Day!!

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