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Exciting new feature!

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It gives me great pleasure to introduce a new feature on the website – The Stretching Section. On it, you will find helpful thumbnails of specific stretches, categorized by body part. To get to it, click More and then Stretch on the upper tab.

Have tight hips? Check out one of the seven different stretches that are useful in opening up that area. There are many other stretches for your entire body.

Hope this helps some of you in becoming flexible CrossFit Ninjas!

The Figure 4, one of the hip stretches

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11 Responses to “Exciting new feature!”

  1. Excellent Kevin.

  2. That stretching section is AWESOME!!! Thanks coach and also, Joanna for the demonstration!! 😀
    Thats gonna help me a lot!!!

  3. Nice! I’ll be trying the hamstrings stretches today for sure!

  4. stretching section ….awesome :o)

    • will you be adding a description for each stretch so it is done properly :o)

      • These are all done as cash outs at the gym. We go over proper form at the gym, but these pictures are meant to be a reminder when you’re at home.

  5. Love this! 🙂

  6. A reminder that tomorrow is Change for Change! $5 to switch up your workout.

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