Post-Game Reflections


Post-Game Reflections

We had a whopping 53 people competing in the Games this year. And every single person pushed themselves to do things they never thought possible. It would be crazy to count how many PR’s were reached over the past 5 weeks. I’m very proud of my CrossFit family for all of their accomplishments.

With the 2012 CrossFit Open behind us, we look forward to next year.

Please take a moment to ponder (or comment) on these questions:

-What was your highlight?

-Did you reach or surpass any goals?

-Were there any movements that you need to work on?

-What will you do differently in preparation for next year?

Best way to finish the Games!

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  1. Nadine

    Fisrt of all, I’d like to say that Im SO HAPPY to have signed up for the games!!! Didn’t thought I would but I’m really glad I did!! What a fun and amazing experience!!
    Can’t wait till next year!! πŸ˜€


    1 – The athmosphere, and how people all came together, even more then usual ( didn’t thought that was even possible) πŸ™‚

    2 – I did things I didn;t thought I could do, REALLY proud of myself for doing everything RX except for the last WOD, had to use the band for my C2B

    3 – movements that I need to work on? Probobly those famous Snatches! lol

    4 – in preparation for next year? Hope by then I will be able to do EVERYTHING RX!!! πŸ˜€


  2. Blake

    Please take a moment to ponder (or comment) on these questions:

    —What was your highlight?
    My highlight was seeing so many people push beyond their own “limits” and take on things totally new to them! Very inspiring.

    —Did you reach or surpass any goals?
    I managed to do all of the movements Rx, which meant a few PRs and learning some brand new techniques the same week. Most of my scores were lower than I thought I could do, but I am still glad I put myself out there.

    —Were there any movements that you need to work on?
    I found that many of my technical movements like Chest & Toes to Bar just weren’t developed enough.

    —What will you do differently in preparation for next year?
    I feel my strength is improving at a good pace, but over the next year I hope to master those pesky technical skills like DUs, HSPUs, C/T2B, “kipping” in general. Also I have learned a lot from the way people plan and approach the WODs that I hope will help me get the most out of every workout I do moving forward.

    I really benefited from the help and coaching everyone provided throughout the games, and I feel it’s really changed my perspective on CrossFit as not just a fitness regime and lifestyle, but as a sport as well.
    Thanks to Kevin and all of the trainers for their hard work and coaching!

  3. Nath

    Wonderful picture: it really shows the spirit of the games!

    Like Nadine, I’m so happy I signed off! It forced me to go beyond my comfort zone.
    And it was so much fun! The team spirit just reached another level during the games. Everyone was so excited and full of energy. We all helped each other,

    1. What was your highlight?
    See my friends do movements they didn’t think they can do for the first time:
    – Nadine doing her Toes to Bar
    – Heather doing her Chest to Bar (you got a few in didn’t you?)

    2. Did you reach or surpass any goals?
    I surpassed goals I didn’t even dream of:
    – Got my first 75# Snatch the Thursday before the 12.2 and got 18 of those during the WOD
    – Got my first 2TB the Friday before 12.3 and got 36 during the WOD
    Wow! and 75# Push press was heavy!
    – Did my first WOD with a 14# Wallball and got 137
    – Got my first C2B on Friday and got 2 during the WOD (trying for more tonight)
    Lesson learned: Now I know I CAN do anything! and I won’t give up!

    3. Were there any movements that you need to work on?
    Since I joined Crossfit, there are a lot of movements I needed to work on. The difference now is that there are movements/things I WANT to work on.
    – add snatches and rack presses to my rotation
    – WODs with no band pull ups
    – WODs as Rx
    – T2B / K2E
    – eventually, a muscle up

    4. What will you do differently in preparation for next year?
    Nothing! I gave it my best shot and I’ll do the same next year. I can only do better!

    Thanks to Kevin, all our coaches and judges! You all did an amazing job!

  4. -What was your highlight?
    Well… doing the burpee WOD in front of a video camera at a hotel gym in Florida was different.

    -Did you reach or surpass any goals?
    I was happy with the Snatch WOD and the final one with Thrusters and C2B. Snatches have been off limits for a long time due to shoulder issues. Getting a PR on 12.5 was nice too cause I really don’t enjoy thrusters.

    -Were there any movements that you need to work on?
    Wall Balls, Thrusters and overall endurance.

    -What will you do differently in preparation for next year?
    Nothing special other than continued hard work and dedication. Although I have the skills required, I just don’t have the engine needed to compete at a higher level. I look at my rankings and wish I had scored higher but the Games help me realize why I CrossFit. It’s not to be the best in the region, or the world, it’s about continuing to improve at my own personal level, staying fit and enjoying a healthy lifestyle with a great group of friends.

    Congratulations to everyone! I know you all took away at least one personal achievement that may not have happened had you not participated.

  5. My highlight was just being part of it and experiencing the ENERGY in the box.
    Surpassed my burpee goal and got my best standings on the board with that one…middle’ish and my goal is to be there overall by the end of Opens next year.
    To do that need to keep up my dedication to the workouts, a little cleaner diet and try new moves more during workouts when there’s time…often the skill of the week I only try once or not at all. Besides that the amount of weight was just above where I was at so shouldn’t be the same if I keep getting new PRs each time I get to repeating a strength move/lift. The body weight moves like T2B, C2B, pullups, DUs need lots of work as well, more practice to get technique will get my fitness level that much further. Plan on getting back into gymnastics gym on occasion as well to just get body awareness back in tune….kipping, balance, more flexibility, etc.

    I’m having fun and getting fitter every day…all I want!!

  6. Heather S

    Had to be the C2B yesterday (I just wanted one – well actually 3 – well maybe a couple more…:))

    Surpass any goals?
    I had no purely total numbers goals – but in every WOD how I paced each set was a goal and I’m pretty happy about how that went. (Also it did put a smile on my face to have 3 more burpess in 12.1 than a certain relative – luv ya big guy!)

    Movements to work on?
    Long list of “have to to achieve moves” (mostly gymnastics type ones) – no surprise, but was really surprised about how many things where I was limited by technique. From snaches to push jerks I have miles to go before the things I already can do happen seamlessly at the higher weights.

    Preparation for next year?
    Already started πŸ™‚ Flexibility through stretching, physio, massage therapy, foam rolling etc. every day! Firmly believe that’s the reason for my injury and the secret to avoiding it as time goes by.

    Today’s picture does a great job of summing up the entire experience for me. I especially love the fact the the 3 of us represent not just trhee different age categories – but especially because it reflects a relativie newbie, one of the originals and someone in the middle. Sweet!

  7. Heather (Mum)

    Highlight? Coming in 16th place worldwide in the snatch WOD. Doing 30 snatchs at 55 lb. when on snatch day I got to 40 lb. Seeing Heather S. do several chest-to-bars. Sorry, couldn’t pick just one.
    Surpass any goals? 30 snatches at 55 lb. 50 wallballs at 10 lb., Say goodbye to 6 lb. ball.
    Movements to work on. I will have toes to bar and pullups by games time next year.
    Preparation for next year. Get out of my comfort zone wtih my warm-up and change it up to be more of a challenge by working on my strengths.
    Thanks to Kevin and Joanna for all your hard work. Thanks to the members for making the Games 2012 such a positive and rewarding experience.

  8. Heidi

    12.5 WOD Do Over: 33 reps.
    My goal was 36, but I’m still pretty happy about this. It’s one more rep than I achieved on this WOD last year, and 5 more reps that I achieved this past Thursday. Thanks again to Jeff & Marc for opening up the gym.

    The biggest highlight for me was just being part of the enthusiasm, support for each other, and great spirit at the gym on Saturday mornings. It’s a great experience.

    Prep. for next year most definitely is to work on my kipping pull ups. It’s tough to put a decent number of reps in a pull up WOD when you are doing them strict.

  9. Games WOD 12.5 Redo —> 74 Reps

    PR by 2 over Thursday.
    Huge turnout today!
    Great job everyone! …and there were a few really impressive PRs!

  10. Nath

    Games WOD 12.5 : 29 Reps

    PR of 24 reps vs yesterday!
    I was SO happy! Thanks to all the people that were there for encouraging!
    And good job to all the ones that performed today too!

  11. Mario

    Mob, WUx1, few pull-ups and thrusters reps

    WOD 11.5 Rx = 69 reps (PR by 3)

    Man, coming back from the cold, this really kicked my ass. Everything was going well, then the 9’s were done and I was running on fumes. Cough, dizziness and the clown ensued after the buzzer. Glad this is over.

    Final thoughts on the games, this year was much more fun, less stressful than my first time around. Also was amazing to have so many people sign up. The WODs also showed me that my back is pretty much 100% now, will make sure to keep it in good shape and work on the other stuff until next year! Great job to everyone who competed!!

  12. Jeff S

    WOD 12.5–> 76 reps
    All was going to plan, right up to thrusters at 15, wheels not only fell off they went everywhere!! Lol.. Got through the thrusters with time left for one attempt at c2b.. Thank you Marco, for judging and your encouragement, and I can’t wait till you are better and back doing WODS then I can yell at you ‘pick up the bar’ when your body is revolting against that very act!! Lol.. Seriously, thanks.. And to all there cheering tonight thank you.. And most of all thanks for the race Marc, even though I was in your dust after only 3 thrusters!! Well done!! You killed it!

    1. Lora

      Well done Jeff! Proud of your effort (for this WOD and all the Games WODs). I know everything was hurting but you didn’t let that stop you πŸ™‚

  13. Chris S

    12.5 85… big improvment on the 60 yesterday, that being said i think theres gonna be alot of blood sweat and tears in the year to come because theres alot of work to do. but when im done ill make sure that i dont have an issue with burpees haha! good job tonight jonny i figured if i stuck around you id do pretty well, thanks for the motivation sunday crew!

  14. Maria

    Crossfit Games was awesome so happy I decided to do it.

    -What was your highlight?
    12.3 I was scared to death to do that one. Thought If I made it through one round I’d be happy..managed to get through 4 πŸ™‚ And just watching everybody reach goals.

    -Did you reach or surpass any goals?
    Yup, stepped out of my comfort zone each workout. Getting some C2B pullups was awesome didn’t practice just figured I’d go for it!

    -Were there any movements that you need to work on?
    Snatch for sure..wallballs..Double Unders

    -What will you do differently in preparation for next year?
    Focus on technique. Relax. Keep it balanced. Can’t wait! Hopper is next and this year I’m certain I can do it Rx πŸ˜€

  15. So I did this crazy WOD again – I mustered up a PR of 1 rep for a grand total of 86 reps πŸ™‚

    -What was your highlight?
    12.2 redo was my personal Highlight – it was during the Sunday Open gym and I had to see if I could get 135# snatch more than my 1st attempt where I only got 1! Anyway, didnt expect ever to get 12 more – never did I think that – It is not a movement I practice or I movement I am good at – I just visualized and was inspired by all the great scores of everyone else! Felt simply amazing!

    -Did you reach or surpass any goals?
    I am not sure yet – only had one goal and it was to finish in the top half in my division – Honestly, because of that ONE rep I got today, I think I might have actually achieved this! SO crazy that the one rep has made this much difference after 5 WODs. I said to someone today – I gave it my all – Thats makes me proud and happy regardless of standings.

    -Were there any movements that you need to work on?
    Snatch, T2B, C2B

    It was a blast! Definitely the best time of year in our gym!! πŸ™‚

  16. Blake

    CONGRATULATIONS on everyone’s PRs today!
    I wish I could have been there but duty called. Awesome to hear of so many people going right back at 12.5 and digging deep for better and better (and in Johnny’s case …and better) scores!
    Great job folks!

  17. Little late posting, but needed this in the books to look back from in a years time.

    -What was your highlight? – 2nd attempt at 12.3 with a 38 rep PR. It wasnt just the better score it was how much better I felt through out the 18 min wod.

    -Did you reach or surpass any goals? 135# Snatches. Was able to stay competitive with a lot of the other guys at the gym. Not so much of a goal as a “wow, this is awesome.”

    -Were there any movements that you need to work on? – wall balls: catch ball above the head with finger tips and along with thrusters, keep knees spread open.

    -What will you do differently in preparation for next year? – Not too much, just keep building upon skills/strength through every day wods and see how much I naturally improve.

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