Sunday Discussion


Sunday Discussion

You see the comments on the message board. People freaking out over the Games WOD. The minutes before it’s released, clicking refresh 47 times.

Why? How is it different than any other workout we do?

Do you push yourself further for the Games?

Why do the Games WODs feel much harder than regular workouts?

Share you thoughts in the comments.

Eric gives it his best shot at a muscle-up

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  1. Gabriel

    Well for one thing, you’re competing against all athletes of the world including all the elites during the same timeframe and the workout is not a daily workout but a weekly, and only once a year so kind of like a Holiday season of some sort. You also have more time to ponder upon the WOD as they are announced on Wednesday night and you have till Sunday to finish them. But the most thrilling part of it is when you get to the Box and see all your friends talking about it that makes you even more excited about it.

    I would not say I push myself more in general but I am usually more prepared. Have rehearsed the movements many times over, watch Kelly and Carl’s prep videos numerous times as well as looked at other CrossFitters who already submitted their video/scores so you kind of get all pumped up.
    What makes these WOD’s seem allot more difficult is that you want to do them as Rx’d as much as possible since you do register and want to contribute to the team. During a normal WOD you can always scale which is usually my case.

    So to sum it all up… What a Rush!!

    1. Maria

      Yes it’s so rare that I do a workout Rx and for me that’s what makes these games workouts so thrilling is pushing so hard! And achieving things you never thought possible. And watching others experience the same thing. A rush is right!!

  2. Darsey

    It’s a competition and our type A personalities thrive in a competitive environment. Personally I push myself pretty hard for all wods, but for the games, I push harder. In fact I seem to be thinking about the weekly games wod quite a bit and I’ve been doing the wods twice to try to improve my score. I guess I want xfit Moncton’s team to finish strong in the standings and I would love to have contributed to that score. 
    ….I am so damn sore today! Haha

  3. The games have taught me that despite thinking I was giving it my all in the past, I still had a little more to give. I think this experience will go with me to all WOD’s in the future. I just wish we had 75 people screaming at every WOD, the energy is insane.

  4. Heather S

    The logical answers from my head are:
    It isn’t. Nope. They don’t.

    These answers are the reasons I used to convince myself to join up this year. They go with “I just want to do my best. It’ll be a great atmosphere. It doesn’t matter how I do worldwide…blah-blah-blah”

    Now that we’re in the middle of this monster what I’m really saying is “Look out Kendra Olson (currently ranked #20, Masters 50-55 Division), I’m coming for you next year!!”

    How did that happen?

    Games Magic!

  5. Its all part of the crossfit experience. I joined for the same reasons Heather S stated above, but now have a similar goal as Mario did for this games, next year.

    At the end of a regular day to day wod and you look at everyone else results, there is a few times when an extra rep would have gave you a better time/score then a fellow friend and you congrat the them and joke around etc etc…
    But now during the games, with the scores coming so close, that extra rep could have bumped you up a few rankings. Even if you did that best you can, there is an itching to do better for the next Games wod. But how do you do better at something yet to be known? By clicking refresh 47 times. LOL. It’s a vicious addictive circle.

    1. Heather S

      Too true Trent. Every time I finish I'[m happy with where I am, but can’t stop thinking about one more rep. What a great reminder/incentive to push harder next time.

      And for me, what a huge surprise that I seriously believe in a year’s time – another year older – I’ll do more, be faster, rank higher!

  6. Chantal L.

    Although I am very thankful that I don’t have any stairs do go up or down, I really really wish I had a higher toilet and a walk in shower today, and maybe for the next few days as well.

  7. Krista

    Despite only doing WODs for little over a month now, I’m pushing myself to get to Rx most of the time since the Games began (weights are still high for me, but getting PRs all the time) definitely feels better that way, an accomplishment completing WODs no matter what, but being able to say Rx is that “cherry on top”!
    When I signed up for the Games I wasn’t expecting to be able to do them Rx AT ALL as i was only a couple of weeks in at 2 WODs per week, but with 12.1 as burpees it was possible…that lit a fire under me because I was able to ACTUALLY COMPETE by submitting my score and see my positioning in Canada East and Worldwide…that’s AMAZING for me, to be a part of this HUGE thing! Seeing a fellow Xfitter scoring exactly the same as you is just cool! I’ve always been competitive in nature, always attracted to individual sports like gymnastics and track & field and like to push myself, so this atmosphere and new activity….borderline addiction…is just for me!! And the timing in my life couldn’t be better to be honest…it’s definitely my favorite “ME” time activity 🙂 Not to forget the friends I’ve made at CFM and I continue to meet new people all the time, it’s near impossible not to push yourself harder for that rep when you have all that encouragement behind you…you get that your “on top of the world” moment/feeling…the rush Xfitters know well!!
    I quickly figured out 2 WOD’s/week wasn’t going to be enough, because like others I wanted to go in and practice, even learn a movement, between the time it’s announced and actually doing the WOD…so logically it was 3X’s and now unlimited WOD’s in a short time, which probably wouldn’t have happened had it not been for signing up for the Games. I’m watching video’s on breaking down the moves, my faves are Carl P’s, to get a better understanding of the movement which hopefully leads to getting the best result that I can. I try to be realistic in my goal for the Games WODs and it’s always nice to surpass it!!
    I look at my pushing harder during the Games as setting the bar for all my future WODs during the year, so it’s sort of put me on fast forward, and I’m looking forward to be able to compare my Games standings and results this year at the very beginning of my CrossFit days with next years performance which will be exactly 1 year in.

    1. Nadine

      Nice post Krista! 🙂
      For someone who’s almost just starting… you have some pretty AMAZING scores!!!
      Keep it up!! 😀

  8. Well I was so upset with my performance yesterday, I couldnt understand how my brief mid-week sickness could have affected me soooo much. I had 142 reps and I was pretty much gassed and spirit was already broken by the 50th rep of WBs. It just didnt feel like me and I had set a realistic goal of getting to the DUs (not the MUs). Anyway, St. Pattys Day festivities followed so I soon put it in the back of my mind and said to myself ” I’ll just try tomorrow if someone is going to be in the gym”…

    I woke up this morning and within moments I was thinking about it! “I need to do that WOD just one more time!” , followed by “How the HELL am I going to do that WOD again with these Legs :S “, followed by “Johnny, you gotta try again!”

    Luckily, I was able to do just that (Thank you Rob)!
    I set out with a strategy because I didnt have one for 12.4 – Saturday I just went at it and didnt count, I went all out too fast… my body didnt respond to that.. TODAY I counted EVERY rep out loud and only did 15 reps/ min (took me ~30secs each time) and rested the remainder of the minute… I did this for 8 rounds (120 reps) and THEN I went out all out!!! Finished the 150 WBs with 9:45 seconds – did the DUs in 5 sets and had 25seconds to attempt the MU!! I got one on my first attempt and grabbed the rings to try one more but ran outta time! No matter! I am very pleased right now. PR of 99 REPS.

    Theres no question the next few days will be hell on my/our legs but in all honestly, I dont care right now. I have something to prove to myself and that it is try my best to get in the upper half in the standings. going into this week I was below that. I wanna really just get that goal!

    Thanks for reading. 🙂

    1. Krista

      Jonhnny you never lack perseverance and drive in your WODs, it’s inspiring! You definitely have a knack for strategies that work for you – Awesome WOD today!! Congrats!! Best of luck on 12.5 and reaching your goal, I’m confident you will 🙂

    2. Heidi

      Johny, you are one crazy & determined MOFO, doing this WOD on back to back days. I can hardly climb stairs. Congrats on the the tremendous improvement.

  9. Blake

    I have no idea why I signed up for the games. I normally consider myself a relatively sane person who is enjoying the CrossFit experience and the benefits that one receives from pushing themselves in this environment. I am still not sure WHAT I am doing in these games or WHY I singed up for them.

    I guess I decided that the games will serve as a nice benchmark for where I am now and where I hope to be in say a year’s time. I am at that point where I have not yet mastered many of the “staple” CrossFit skills and my strength and endurance while increasing is not at that Rx level. I think that as much as being part of a CrossFit box pushes you beyond your normal boundaries of comfort and/or fitness the Games push you that much further by setting the same expectations for everyone worldwide by saying “this is what we want, do it or don’t do it”.

    Nothing has reminded me of the Henry Ford quote “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” as much as the CrossFit Games has. How may of us have said in the past few weeks “I’ve never done X before and I was so proud I did/attempted it!” I am there clicking refresh with everyone else because there’s a good chance that I HAVEN’T done it before and I know now that it is in no way going to stop me from trying on Saturday…so I better prepare by getting some practice in or watching the videos and talking with everyone else collecting any tips that might help.

    I guess I joined for similar reason’s to Heather’s “blah, blah, blah” … but I am learning from Kevin’s and Johnny’s and other’s strategies, tips, techniques and sheer determination and am going to enjoy seeing the progress everyone is making.

    As much as our normal WODs can become “the norm” it’s nice how these games shake things up and push people just a little more. I may never know why I signed up but (so far) I am glad I did.

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