Games recovery


Games recovery

CrossFit training is hard. We put our bodies through a lot.

However, during the Games, people tend to go a little further. A few more steps into the land of hurt. Outside their comfort zone.

Please take today to relax. Recover from the beating you just went through yesterday.

-Ask a spouse/friend for a massage
-Get a good, solid sleep
-Eat quality foods
-Spend time with a foam roller/lacrosse ball
-And chill out

Blake fighting for every rep

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  1. Heather S

    Kevin, Chris S should be back in Moncton at 2 and wants to come in to do 12.3. He can’t sign in on ZP because he’s still without internet. Do you have enough judges?

    1. Heather S

      Sad to say, Chris still hasn’t made it back home from exercises in Virginia I guess 12.3 goes in the books without him. Thanks for going the extra mile Kevin – much appreciated by all the Steeves clan 🙂

  2. Sheldon W.

    12.3 kicked my butt, however, it was a blast, especially after a week of vacation abuse. Only got 161 reps, but, I got a hell of a work out and that is more important to me.

    Thanks to Kevin and Joanna for giving up their day off for us, it is greatly appreciated.

    1. Lora

      Great job! I agree, “one hell of a work out”, for sure. It is fun when these Games WODs come back (oh yes they do) in our regular programming and we get another crack at them 😉

  3. Maria

    Games WOD 12.3

    4 rounds + 15 Box Jumps 159 Reps

    WOW, I was hoping to get 1 round in today. I am super excited, stepped WAY out of my comfort zone on those presses they were SOOOO heavy.
    Thanks for judging Heidi!!
    Thanks Kevin and Jo for opening the gym and thanks for coming out fellow Crossfitters!!

    So happy I decided to do these games!

  4. Thanks Kev and Jo for opening the gym and thanks all who came to watch/judge = Very cool guys…

    Special shout out to Gab for great judging and for pushing me on this one… I appreciate it brother! 😀

    WOD 12.3
    4rds + 3 Presses = 162 reps

  5. Corinna

    Call me crazy, but I did WOD 12.3 again and I ended up getting the exact same score as yesterday!

    6 rounds + 15 box jumps’s + 12 push press

    It felt so much better today. My breathing felt better by 100%; I just wished my shoulders and lats were not so fatigued from yesterday’s go at this beast.

    Thanks Kevin for judging me and for opening up the gym today. Thanks to everyone who came put to cheer/ judge.

    I maybe crazy, but I guess I am consistent!

    1. Nadine :)

      You ARE crazy!! hehehe
      You were going SO FAST yesterday!! WOW !!
      I was talking to Heather (Kev’s mom) and we thought you were gonna exaust yourself with that super speed, but noooooooo!!! You just kept going and going…!! WOW!! 😀
      SUPER WOMAN!!! hehe
      Good Job!!
      ( can’t believe you did it again… can’t even lift up my arms today! lol )

  6. Thanks to Kevin to and Joanna for opening the gym for those who were completeing it the first time and for letting those who wanted to give it a second shot.

    Took what kevin told me on friday about box jumps, how Eric N was doing T2B today, and tips from Tom about push press to greatly improve the #s. Finished with 6 rounds and 12 Box Jumps, an improvement from 190 reps to 228.

  7. tom cormier

    excellent job by everyone today. was really fun to watch your perform. Corinna you are a machine.
    i foolishly tried the work-out again today but on the first round of push press my upper shoulder said no way! i felt a bad tinge that said “stop” so i pulled out before doing any damage. (first smart decision i made in a while so i am proud of that, ha ha)
    thanks Kevin and Jo for opening the gym for everyone.

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