From the vault


From the vault

There are steel plates and rubber plates at the gym. When do you use each one?

I’ll try to lay it out in an easy to follow list.

Deadlifts (130# or less)
Front Squats
Overhead Squats
Push Jerks
Push Press (maybe)

Deadlifts (135# or higher)
Back Squats
Push Press (maybe)

A few other points to consider. Dropping an empty bar is not good for it’s health. Avoid dropping a bar with 10# plates, as it’s not good for your health. Try to avoid having more steel than rubber for the “rubber” lifts noted above. And make sure you have clamps on the bar!

Is this what you felt like after 7 minutes of burpees?

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  1. Heidi

    Looks like Ron is making “gym mat angels”.

    I didn’t get around to posting yesterday, but wanted to comment on what another great day it was at CrossFit Moncton. Tons of enthusiasm and heart demonstrated by EVERYONE. What a fun morning! Contrats, once again, to Kevin & Jo for another well organized CF event.

    I went in with a goal of 80 in mind and finished with 81. Can’t wait to see what this weeks Games WOD holds for us.

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