Straight Up


Straight Up

5 rounds
10 Push Press (75/55#)
10 Overhead Squats (75/55#)

Lora getting under the bar

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  1. WU x 1

    Strenght: Clean & Jerks x 3

    WOD (5 rounds)
    10 Push Press (65#)
    10 Overhead Squats (65#)
    Time: 6:15

    I don’t know how you morning people do it. My strenghts in the mornings are always 10-15lbs lighter and i’m slower…

  2. Michelle

    WU x 2

    Front squat x1 -70-80-90-100 Definitely NOT a PR, but today, I couldn’t seem to get it together today. 🙁

    WOD (5 rounds) 35#
    10 Push Press
    10 Overhead Squats
    Time: 6:15

  3. Gillyon

    What a great picture!
    Did my first WOD (if it even classifies as one) post c-section.

    4 rounds:
    5 sit ups
    10 pushups (from knees)
    15 squats

    And…I am crazy sore. Can’t wait to come back full time.

      1. Gillyon

        Hey Shannon! I just did it at home. I was given a bunch of exercises from the hospital, so I just revamped them crossfit style. 🙂 Can’t wait to workout with you.

  4. Heather (Mum)

    WU X 2
    Strength Back Squat X 3
    5 rounds
    10 Push Press
    10 Front Squat
    2 rounds at 50
    3 rounds at 45
    Thanks fdr the push. Found this one tough.
    Time 13:27

  5. wu x 2
    strength – Push Press
    50, 60, 70, 80(F), 80(F), 80(F)

    WOD : 5 rounds (15 min cap)
    10 Push press (45#)
    10 OHS

    Time = 12:06 – really tired this morning not into the work out it was a tough one plus I think I only did 4 rounds

  6. Tim

    WU x 1

    Strength: Shoulder press x 3
    95-120-135-150-170 (could only get 2)

    WOD (5 rounds)
    10 Push Press (75#)
    10 Overhead Squats (75#)

    Time: 4:29

  7. Lora

    WU x 2

    Clean & Jerks (with 2 jerks for every clean, to work on technique)
    Last set at 125# was mostly clean and push press. Damn!

    WOD as Rx @ 55#
    5 rounds
    10 Push press
    10 OHS
    Time = 7:32

    Cashout – Figure 4 (30 sec per leg x 3)

  8. Leesa

    Great Picture Lora 🙂

    WU x 2

    Strength-Deadlift x5

    WOD @ 35#
    5 rounds
    10 Push press
    10 OHS
    Time = 7:51

    Cashout – Figure 4 (30 sec per leg x 2)

  9. Jeff S

    WU x 2

    Skipped strength in lieu of foam roller, lacrosse ball, DU.. Little golfers elbow to deal with (oh Johnny where art though? Lol) I’m thinking it’s an overuse issue from punta Cana ( told Lora that ‘bubba’ cup was far too heavy when full to the brim!! Lol

    5 Rounds
    10 Push Press (#75)
    10 OHS (#75)
    Time 5:39
    This was a fun WOD.. Fun race Mark, you rocked the push press..

  10. Nath


    Shoulder Press x 3
    45-50-55-60-65-70×2 (PR and PR reps)

    5 rounds
    10 Push Press 50#
    10 OHS
    Time: 11:00

    Did all the OHS unbroken but had really a hard time with the Push Presses. Wow! Hard but fun!

  11. Marcel

    WU x 2

    Power Cleans x 3


    WOD Rx’d Time: 8:24

    Great job everyone and Johnny thanks for the laugh at your expense at the end of the class 🙂

  12. Weighted pullups 
    8 x 25
    7 x 35
    5 x 45
    3 x 55
    1 x 65
    1 x 75 (CRASH)
    1 x 80 (f)

    HSPUs : 18 unbroken (after WOD)

    WOD: 75# Rnds 1&2, 65# Rnds 3-5

    Well that was Fun class!! First time doing OHS since Dislocated shoulder in Nov 7!! Nerve-racking but glad I tried!!
    During my weighted pullup attempt at 65#, as I landed back down I started to fall backwards due to the weight on my back pulling me that way! Didn’t fall but was close so I asked Heather S “next time I try this can u just stand behind me so I don’t fall?!?” – when I attempted 75#, everyone was doing the cash out so I just tried it by myself in the corner by the ninja exit – I got it at 75# but when I landed it was too much weight and I couldnt control my inevitable fall straight backwards haha – I hit the ground and then the wall and immediately was embarrassed and laughing at the same time!! Haha !!! Fun times!! 
    Great job 630 🙂 🙂 too much fun!!

      1. Nadine

        He sure does!!!
        Especially the “farting part” HAHAHAHA!!! Awwww… took me a while to stop laughing!!

        Johnny; ~ ” Oh that was not me… was my back…wait, I’ll do it again to show you!! ~ LOVE it!! haha

  13. Corinna


    Warmed up my back and hips with the WOD weight for the OHS.

    Strength: Back Squat


    WOD @ Rx 55 lbs

    Time: 6:02

    Sonia; you must have been flying to do this one under 4 minutes! You go girl!

  14. Gabriel


    Strength – Split Jerks X5
    Should not have attempted that last one.

    WOD Scaled due to above ouch!
    5 rounds @ 75#
    10 Push Press
    10 Power Cleans

    Time: 5:02

    Disapointed that I could not do as RX’d since I was looking forward to it. Next time.

    Great job 6:30 crew!

  15. Darsey

    Strength shoulder press x5
    70-85-95-105-115-120 failed 4th rep
    Wod at 55#
    Time: 4:59
    Handstand pushups 12 unbroken, with 25 plate and abmat
    Did another 4 with just abmat

  16. Heidi

    Wow, some really fast times on this WOD today! Sorry I missed this one. Maybe a good change for change candidate.

    Nice to see that Gillyon is getting back to the swing of things. What a trooper. Can’t wait to see the new little one.

    and finally….love the photo Lora. You look so strong….and colour coordinated too.

  17. Krista

    Wu x 2
    Strength = back squat x5
    60-65-75-85-100 (I couldn’t do math today lol messed up the weights I was aiming for – oh well got to right end weight all the same)

    Modified WOD (for shoulder)

    5 rounds @ 40 lbs
    10 good mornings
    10 front squats

    Time 5:58

  18. Heather S

    WU x 2
    No PR but SO MUCH Better!!

    5 Rounds
    10 Push Press (#45)
    10 OHS (#45)
    Time: 9:13

    Couldn’t believe how fast the time went. Presses were a breeze but by round 4 I thought the OHS were going to kill me! Hardly wait for the day I can Rx this mother.

    Great job everyone – some pretty impressive wods tonight!

  19. Chris S


    Strength – deadlift X5
    225-315-365-405-455 got 2, was gonna try again but i could just feel that my head wasnt in the game ill try again next week hopefully ill be ready to lift big.

    WOD Scaled due to above ouch!
    5 rounds @ 75#
    10 Push Press
    10 OHS

    Time: 6:10

  20. Nadine


    Push Jerks – 5x 50-55-60-65 and only [email protected]

    5 rounds @ 45#
    10 Push Press
    10 Front Squats

    Time: 10:02

    not proud tonight… 🙁
    I can`t understand why I still have hard time with my arms since LAST WEDNSDAY`S WOD!!
    I hurt them with the pull ups…
    I was just able to “unfold” my arms proprely by Monday!! But they’re still week…

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