How to Think About CrossFit


How to Think About CrossFit

Success in college is measured not in months, but in years; you don’t get a bachelors degree after a single semester.Β  A mastery of CrossFit will also take not months, but years.Β  Muscle-ups, handstands, rowing, a bodyweight snatch, are CrossFit milestones that you will have to earn over the course of years.

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Lisa taking a dip

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  1. • • • OPEN GYM • • •

    Today… 3:30pm to 5:00pm

    Although it says “Open” you still need to log in and register for the class.
    Feel free to work on a skill, a strength, a WOD… or all three.

  2. Joanna

    My 2 year CrossFit anniversary is today!

    My first group WOD was a couplet of virtual shovelling and pushups…today there is a foot of real snow for me to shovel. Isn’t functional fitness great?! Stupid irony.

    Have fun in the snow peeps πŸ™‚

    1. Heather S

      Happy Anniversary Jo!

      Loved the article. Important to realize also that even though others at the gym look like it’s easy or they are “natural athletes” everyone is working hard to improve something. While it can be intimidating to watch someone perfect a move that you can barely imagine ever doing, each time you show up you’re moving farther along your journey, making your list of “I’ll never” shorter every day.

      Enjoy the snow!

    2. Marc H.

      Happy anniversary Jo. Mine was 12 days ago and so remember your first WOD cuz it was maybe my 5th and the soreness the next week wasn’t funny. To many more years.

  3. Grant

    15 minutes of stretching and 15 minutes with lacrosse ball getting the thruster knot out of my back.

    shoveling 1 very large deck and moderately large front porch.


    Snowplow 300′ driveway for time
    Snow blower wrestling (wrestled way above my weight class…me 163lbs, snowblower closer to 300)

    Time: 1hour 48minutes

  4. Shoveled 30 minutes this morning.

    Shoveled another 30 minutes (later) to help neighbours out.

    Snowshoeing for about an hour and a half to two hours. Half in a pre-made trail and half making a trail.

  5. Marcel

    Went to the Open Gym — Thanks Jeff.

    Worked on rowing, double unders, muscle ups and kipping HSPU.

    Got a muscle up and strung together 3 kipping HSPU’s.

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