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Newsletter Day!

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The February Newsletter, featuring Amanda Arseneau.

Also, get your ass registered for the Games! And don’t forget to add yourself to the CrossFit Moncton team. If we have the most registered in Canada East, we all win free tickets to the CrossFit Regionals!

Enjoy Superbowl Sunday!

That is all.

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18 Responses to “Newsletter Day!”

  1. awesome NL again. I love NL day. You rock Amanda

  2. Great newsletter article Amanda!

    There are a couple of nice posts on the Affiliate blog today…
    “That Little Voice” and “Pasta, not Bacon, Makes you Fat. But How?”

  3. Really enjoyed this article, thanks Amanda!

  4. Great article Amanda, you kick butt!!

    Also registered for the games today 😀

  5. O.K. it’s done – I got off my a$$, registered for the games, added myself to the team and lived to tell the tale! No excuses anyone. Hope to see you on the team 🙂

  6. Great article Amanda!

    Did Wednesday’s “At Home WOD”
    WU x 1

    AMRAP in 8 min
    5 Burpees
    5 Pushups

    9 rounds + 5 burpees & 2 push-ups

    GO PATS!!

  7. Great article on Amanda 🙂 You go girl!!

  8. Great article Amanda. I particularly love the pic of you & Winston!

    Haven’t registered for the games yet, but plan to. It was a blast last year.

  9. mobility
    Row 1000m in 3:36
    Warm up x2

    Daily back squat 315 – felt easier

    Strength 3RM frontsquats
    225×3 – 245×3 – 265×3 -275×3 -300×3 PR wooo


    6RDs for time of
    10 burpees
    5 hang squat snatch 95lbs


  10. Did Wednesday’s “At Home WOD” in hotel in Toronto

    AMRAP in 8 min
    5 Burpees
    5 Pushups
    10 rds 5 burpees 2 pushups.

  11. Another great newsletter. I look forward to reading these Kevin.

  12. Nice article Amanda.

  13. Did yesterday’s WOD at the Y today with Matty. Everyone looked at us like we were crazy people 🙂 Had a lot of comments and questions throughout the workout.

    Had to modify(**) a few things because it was at the Y.

    WU X1

    300 Singles**
    90 Mountain Climbers (1 count)
    80 Situps
    70 Walking lunges
    60 KBS (35#)
    50 Squats
    40 Push ups**(no pull up bar)
    30 Burpees
    20 Box jumps (20″)
    10 Push up 10 Situps** (no pull up bar)
    20 Push Ups** (scaled)
    20 Box jumps
    30 Burpees
    40 Push ups**(no pull up bar)
    50 Squats
    60 KBS (35#)
    70 Walking lunges
    80 Situps
    90 Mountain climbers
    300 Singles

    Time: 39 minutes

    Holy crap this WOD kicked my butt but felt awesome!!

  14. Great Article Amanda!!! Really enjoyed it 🙂

  15. Did the at home WOD today

    AMRAP 8 mins

    5 Burpees
    5 Push Ups

    11 Rds

  16. Great Newsletter and love reading your part Amanda!!!

  17. Awesome atricle Amanda, very interesting.

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