Don’t drop it


Don’t drop it

Tomorrow is Change for Change. Bring $5 to switch up your workout.

10 rounds of:
5 Kettlebell Swings
10 Weight Lunges

*If weight is dropped, 10 burpees.

Compare to May 19/10

Bill at his first class

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  1. Heidi

    Well, I think I can say that I am officially having some sort of mid-life crises. πŸ™‚ I’ve registered for the Tough Mudder…..YIKES! Marcel & I were “discussing” it on Saturday, so Saturday night I thought it would harmless to at least check out the website. The next thing I knew, I had given my credit card information & was registered. Now I am committed, and I am seriously starting to freak out a little bit, but excited at the same time.

    So that said, I am putting a call out to all the CFM Ladies to join me in this crazy adventure. Nath & Maria, I heard you talking about it Saturday. Just Do It! Don’t leave me hangin’ girls…pretty please.

    1. Gabrielle

      I’m in!! Speaking of mid life crisis lol… I’m turning 40 just 2 days before this thing πŸ™‚ I want to start my year with a nice reminder of how great it is to be alive and kicking!

      Who else wants to join our kickass team?

      1. Chantal L.

        Crazy girls! I wish I had the courage to say yes! I would be in if it be like… 3 miles maybe? haha! If ever you need supporters let me know, maybe I’ll jump in for a quick roadtrip;)

      2. Nath.

        I guess I’ve made my mind and decided I was crazy enough to do this…. Great to see we’ll have our girl team! Now we need matching T-shirts! πŸ™‚

    2. Nice work Heidi and Marcel!! Our team is looking really awesome!!! So I have already met with Maritime cresting and we are developing the logo, and shirt design. Girls: this team is open to you as well – do not feel you need to register another team – on race day just stick together and go at your own pace. There is Definitely power in numbers, and 6 people from CFSJ registered today and yesterday on our team – so they have their own lil mini clan within our Squad!!! Lots of positivity around this – I love it!!! Also, Brad Logan (CFM member and website developer extrordinaire) has also joined and will be putting together a Unique Beast Mode Squad website with lots of awesome info! There are many of you who have told me that you were gonna sign up and still havent – if you sign up before tomorrow night at 11:59pm you save $30 AND since our team is so big right now we will all receive a $20 rebate on top fo that!! πŸ™‚ Msg me with any questions!!!

      1. Team name: Dirty Sanchez (hahha just kidding – Beast Mode Squad)
        password: gonzales
        When you got the, go to events, then look for New England #2, then choose PARTICIPANTS Register HERE , then choose JOIN an EXISTING TEAMm then enter in BEAST MODE SQUAD.

        Sunday July 15, 9:40 start time

        If you register by tomorriw you save $30.

        Next WoRk DARSEY just signed up!!!

  2. Chantal L.

    WU x 2
    Strength 5x shoulder press
    45-55-65 stopped there as I felt some pain in my shoulder

    WOD as rx’d 8:45, no burpees!

  3. Maria


    Strength Frontsquats x 3

    WOD @ 35#
    10 rounds of:
    5 KBS
    10 Weight Lunges

    Time: 7:48

    Should have listened more carefully to the instructions, would have saved myself 10 burpees πŸ™‚

  4. WU X 2
    Front squat 5 at 95, 115, 135, 145, 165
    PR by 10, lower back a little tight this am.

    5 kbs at 40lbs
    10 weighted lunges at 40 lbs
    10 rounds
    Note to myself, should have used a heavier weight, next time don,t be too easy on yourself.

  5. Blake

    WU x 2
    100 unbroken singles

    Strength: Cleans x 3
    80-80-95-95 (stopped as I tweaked my back this weekend)

    lacrosse ball & foam roller

    WOD: Don’t Drop It
    10 rounds
    5 KBS @ #25 (back)
    10 Weighted Walking Lunges

    Time: 6:10

    Stretch and more lacrosse ball

  6. WU x 2

    Strength: Shoulder Press x 1
    65, 95, 115, 135, 155lbs
    Failed at 165lbs

    WOD: Don’t Drop It
    10 rounds
    5 KBS @ #35 (should have done at least 45 or Rx)
    10 Weighted Walking Lunges

    Time: 5:43

    My quads are still like jello.

  7. Tracy S

    Strength: Front Squats
    85×5… (1’s) 95 – 105 – 115 – 125

    WOD: 10 Rounds
    KBS with 25# (eye level only)
    10 weighted lunges
    TIME: 7:01

    Wasn’t sure what weight to choose, but in the end, glad I went with the 25#. The KBS’s felt light, but the lunges got VERY tough, and will be feeling those tomorrow.

  8. Jamie

    CFWU x 2

    Strength – Deadlift x 5

    WOD – 10 rounds of:
    5 Kettlebell Swings 53#
    10 Weight Lunges

    Time: 6:58PR Last time was 9:05 and 10 Burpees.

  9. Lora

    WU x 2 (pushups on rings)

    Foam roller to back and hip flexor

    Front squats (x3)
    Went light and slow after hip flexor pain last week.
    Happily, felt no pain tonight πŸ™‚

    WOD “Don’t drop it”
    as Rx @ 35#
    5 KBS
    10 Weighted lunges
    Time = 6:07
    No burpees πŸ˜€

  10. Heidi

    WU x 2

    Push Jerk x 1

    65-75-85-100-115 (Split Jerk)-120(Split Jerk) (5# PR)

    The 120# felt really good, so went for 125#, but failed….I shouldn’t have gotten greedy.

    WOD @ 35# – Time = 6:38. PR of 34 seconds.

  11. Gabriel

    Strength – Deadlift X1
    295-315-335-355-375(PR of 10#) then another 375 fo Johnny!!

    WOD @ 50#

    Time –> 6:11

    Great racing you Chris and on top of that you had energy left over to do Fran?

    Stretching + Foam Rolling

    Superb job 6:45!

  12. Jeff S

    WU x 2

    Push jerk x 1
    95×10-135×5-155×3-175-185-195-205 (pr # 10)

    WOD β€œDon’t drop it”
    as Rx @ 53#
    5 KBS
    10 Weighted lunges
    Time = 6:26
    No burpees

  13. Marcel


    Push Jerk x 5


    WOD: 10 Rounds @ 35#
    5 KBS
    10 Weighted Walking Lunges

    Time: 7:03

    Unable to do this WOD Rx’d due to forearm. Still a tough WOD, nice job 5:45 crew.

  14. Heather S


    Push Jerk x 5


    WOD: 10 Rounds @ 35#
    5 KBS
    10 Weighted Walking Lunges

    Time: 6:27

    That was a fast one!

  15. Nath

    10 x Thrusters 15# to test my shoulder – went well
    7 x Thrusters 35# – went well to, just didn’t want to push it! Thanks John! Your magic touch worked for tonight. πŸ™‚

    Deadlifts x 5

    WOD: “Don’t drop it”
    10 Rounds @ 35# as Rx (so proud to finally post “as Rx”!!!)
    5 KBS
    10 Weighed Walking Lunges

    Time: 9:36… but I finished it and never dropped the KB πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I decided to increase my weight last minute before the workout. Glad I did. It was hard (specially the lunges) but I did it!

  16. WUx1

    25lb plate + abmat – 7 reps
    abmat – 7 reps
    no mat – 7 reps x 2
    ambat – 7 reps

    Weighted pullups
    25# 5sets x 5. had 6 in the last set

    WOD with 53#
    got 5 rounds but knee is not cooperating after a minute break did 10 burpees instead of the weighted lunges.
    8:16 i think

  17. Chris S


    Push Press x 5

    WOD: 10 Rounds @ 42 i think?
    5 KBS
    10 Weighted Walking Lunges

    * If weight is dropped, 10 burpees.

    Time: 6:11 glad i didnt go with the big kb…

    thought id rock a little fran after for fun, 5:20 so not to bad… im gonna be pretty sore tomorrow though i think…

  18. I don’t think any amount or foam rolling or heat therapy will get rid of the muscle pain in my back side before tonight’s WOD. I haven’t been this sore since introduction day. This isn’t a complaint by the way, I actually quite like knowing I pushed it that hard.

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