Tune ups


Tune ups

Every car has a maintenance schedule. Every 8000km, I have to perform the recommended maintenance, whether it be something as simple as changing the oil and filter, or a little more in-depth, like inspecting the exhaust and suspension system.

If I don’t perform the maintenance when it’s scheduled and keep putting it off, then trouble will be coming my way. If I don’t replace the oil for 50,000km, my engine might seize and I’ll be shit of out luck – and money.

Your body is a machine, and it needs some basic maintenance on a regular basis as well.

Daily maintenance includes – properly warming up, stretching, lacrosse ball work, foam rolling, staying hydrated, eating well, sleeping well, etc.

Monthly maintenance includes – massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, etc.

Annual maintenance includes – body composition tests, blood work (to check progress), etc.

I would much rather spend the extra time and money keeping my body tuned up, than waiting for an injury to happen. If I keep putting off the maintenance, it will end up costing me twice as much anyway.

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  1. Just an observation from an old guy. I notice most of the members are in the 25 to 35 age. group and all in great shape and pushing themselves to new PRs all the time.
    That used to be me many years ago. Around age 40 I was sore hurt and slowing down as I had accumulated many injuries that “I just worked through”. My gym time was getting less an less because of muscle and joint problems. No i did not get my oil changed or go for a tune up, real mendid not do that.
    I met Todd Clayton about that time and he said he could “tune me up”.
    I began regular chiropractor treatments that led to physio and massage treatments. Regular maintainance and oil changes. What surprised the hell out of me is this stuff really works!
    This enabled me to do things throughout my 40s that I never would have thought possible.
    Now at the age of 52 with the help of Todd, the team at advanced physio and the team at crossfit moncton I just feel there are no limits to what a person can achieve.
    If I can pass anything on to you younger members get your oil changed, battery checked and throttle adjusted regularly as it is full speed ahead.
    Thanks to all of you who have made tune ups to me, it is greatly appreciated.
    One last thought, someone once said your body is your vehicle that you drive for your entire life, do you want it to be a family car, an oversized luxury car, a utiity vehicle or a finely tuned sports car, the choice is yours choose wisely.

  2. Thank you for the love on behalf of all the Health Professionals at Advanced Health. We are here for you 100% gang, and if ever you have even the quickest question -please send me an email, facebook message, phone call, text, or drop by the clinic! My patients all know that I am accessible to you whenever you need me and if I cannot help you I will always ensure to find an alternate way, make a suggestion, and be 100% open and honest with your care.

    The main thing I’ll say here is avoid letting a problem escalate – Too often I am faced with treating injuries that have been nagging my patients for 3+, 6+ months. Everyone always wants to just “wait and see” if it will go away – This is not the best approach and it just takes a alittle time in your day to sit and speak with your health professional of choice to pick their brain about your injury’s severity, level of irritability, stage of healing, and what should be done.

    Have a great week everyone!

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