Double Down


Double Down

Today is a double strength day. Work your way down the strength rotation.

Reminder of the Nutrition Session tonight at 7:30. If you’re still interested, show up with $10 and you’re in.

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  1. Marc H.

    there will be a class this Sunday from 10:30am to noon. Please you need to register on z-planner to attend. Cya there brothers and sisters

  2. Darsey

    LOL Kevin! I am not starting a trend everyone, just forgot my sneakers that day and Kevin was kind enough to share the photo evidence. Ha Ha.

  3. Maria

    WU x 2

    Double Down

    Backsquat x 5

    Cleans x 5

    Worked on Kipping T2B’s, managed to string 8 together.
    I enjoyed today’s class. Thanks Patrick!

  4. Kevin

    Good morning at the gym. Lots of heavy lifters.

    Back Squats x5
    135-185-205-225-245-265 (pr for reps)

    Split Snatch

    Haven’t done these in a long time. They felt pretty good this morning.

  5. Heather (Mum)

    WU X 2
    Double Strength
    Overhead Squat X 5
    Will we ever be friends? I can’t picture it.
    Shoulder Press X 1
    35-40-50-55-65 Tried 70. Unsuccessful.
    I liked this WOD.

  6. Jeff S

    1x mob

    Strength push jerk x 3

    Strength OHS x 3

    Skill.. Worked on T2B kipping.. Kinda got the motion and it will come with practice..

  7. Lora

    WU x 2 (pushups on rings and ugly toes 2 bar)

    Daily squat to 225#

    OHS (x5)

    Push Jerk (x5)

    Practiced kipping toes 2 bar

  8. Corinna

    WU x 2

    Strength:OHS x 10

    Cleans x 1

    Strength was tough for me tonight. I wasn’t feeling it.

    Thanks so much Marcel and Jeff for helping me with the kipping toes to bar tonight! I think I finally have it! I did 4 in a row and then 6. It felt awesome! Gotta keep doing them in my warm-up. I left feeling more pumped that I did during the strength.

  9. Gabriel


    OHS X3

    Good Mornings X3

    17 Pullups (tried for the PR but no momentum in my kip)

    Row 500m

    A few sets of kipping T2B

    Great job 6:30 group!

  10. Heather S

    WU X 2

    Double strength:

    Shoulder press 3’s
    50-60-70-75-80 (2) – 80 (1)

    Front Squat 3’S

    Toes thru Rings X 10
    T2B X 0 🙁

    Box Jump practice (unbroken)
    12″ + 45# x 9
    12″ + 45# x 10
    12″ + 45# + 25# x 10
    12″ + 45# + 25# x 10

    Arms and shoulders really tired from Tuesday, so no PR’s today even though shoulder presses started out going up really well. Front squat form coming along better – still need more practice keeping elbows up but now I can feel it when it’s wrong.

  11. Ron

    Wu x 2

    WOD: Double strength

    Back squats
    3 x 130,140,155,175,200 (no rep on the last one as per kevin)
    3 x 200 again
    3 x 90,95,100,115,130

  12. wu x 2

    WOD : Double strength
    Push Press x 3
    Practice skill of the week

    Back squats x 3
    70,75,85,95,105,95 have to work on going lower on my squat
    Practice skill of the week on the rings

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