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Wednesday 6am, 7am, 8:30am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm, 7pm,
Thursday 6am, 12pm, 4pm, 6pm
Friday 6am, 7am, 8:30am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm

520 Edinburgh Dr. Moncton, NB E1E 4C6

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Jane, Liam and I are starring in a play this Friday and Saturday. If you want to be entertained, get your tickets at one of the locations on the poster. Would love to see your beautiful faces in the crowd!

We’ll be on the radio this morning as well – CBC  (106.1) at 6:50am and C103 at 8:30ish.

Radio Clip from CBC this morning –

Skill of the Week – Kipping Toes to Bar

WOD – 100 Inverted Burpees

Compare to March 29/11

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118 Responses to “Get your tickets”

  1. Yoohoo! Just heard you on CBC!

    The plays are fantastic everyone! Please come! 😀

  2. WUx2

    Daily Squat to 220

    Skipped strength to work on HSPU 5 x 3 reps

    WOD: 11:52 PR

  3. WUx2
    Strength x 3 reps

    WOD: Scale 100 Burpees


  4. WUx2
    Strength Push Press x 5

    WOD: Scale 100 Burpees

    Time: 7:23

    Did this last year took me around 10min so happy with that. I’m still coughing. Kudos to those doing this WOD RX.

  5. Strength: Push Press
    1x 60-65-75-85-100(f)-100(f)-100(f)

    WOD: 100 Inverted Burpees

    T = 16:17

  6. WU – thought I’d do some skipping to get warm this morning. Got a PR of 101 Double Unders 🙂

    Clean & Jerk x5
    75 80 90 100 110

    100 Inverted Burpees
    9:39 – PR of 36 sec.

    Great job to those who tried the inverted burpees this morning. Some fears were overcome and you all stuck with it!

  7. WU X 2
    Strength: Should Press X 5


    Still finding it quite challenging to go up in weight at all in shoulder press.

    WOD: 100 Burpees

    Time: 7:39

    I need to get over my fear of hand stands.

    Great job 6am!!

  8. WUx2
    Strength Push Press x 5
    80 85 95 110 125

    WOD: 100 Inverted Burpees

    Time: 13:25

    First time trying inverted burpees and completed all 100. I should have alternated which leg to stand with; right cheek will be more sore then left ;).

  9. WU X 2
    Strength X 5
    Push Jerk
    WOD 100 burpees
    Time 13:11 PR of 4:30

    Frank First time doing 100 burpees. Time 15:44. A hunk out of one knee for his first Crossfit badge of honour. way to go!!!

  10. wu x 2
    Strentgh 5’s
    Front Squat

    100 Burpees
    Time: 13:17

    Great job everyone that did it Rx, Amanda you are impressive, Great job Girl!! 🙂

  11. wu x 2
    strength – Dead lift x 3
    (Kevin told me to do SMDL to help reinforce my butt and hamstring)

    WOD :
    scale – 100 Burpees
    Time = 9:11

    cash out – leg stretch
    Prctice skill of the week – Kipping T2B

  12. wu x 2
    strength – Front squats x 1

    WOD :
    scale – 100 Burpees
    Time = 9:13

    Prctice skill of the week – Kipping T2B

  13. WUx2
    Front Squat
    95×5 135×5 155×5 185×5
    11:18 I think, last time 9:36 I guess thats the difference when you don’t have Pierre B. to compete with.

  14. CFWU x 2

    Front Squats
    140×3 150×3 165×3 185×3 210×3

    WOD: 100 Inverted Burpees


    First time doing those. Thanks for the encouragement.

  15. WOD (Rx’d) —> 14:08

    First time doing this WOD. Nice race Greg and Rob!
    There are some really impressive times on the board today!

  16. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Front Squat x 3

    WOD – Scaled 100 Burpees
    Time: 6:42

  17. WU X2
    Strength: Back Extensions (.. in the “Warm”(up) room) 😉
    10 x 3 sets (very effective)

    WOD: 100 Burpees – scaled (with the additional challenge of freezing fingers, feet, etc)
    TIME: 12:59

    (Only 0:09 seconds less than in March… but my pace was better this time and could control my breathing)

  18. WOD as rxd –> 8:57

  19. WOD as Rx’d -> 13:00
    Nicely done Pierre and Corinna

  20. WU X 2
    Strength: Should Press X 5
    35-40-45-50-55 (x4)

    WOD (scaled): 100 Burpees

    Time: 11:48

  21. WUx 2
    OHS 1’s
    15-35 working on depth
    45-65-75-85-90PR….at 17.5″

    WOD……100 Burpees

    11:49 PR by 58 seconds……

  22. WUx2
    OHS x 1
    75-80-95-105-110 (PR)

    WOD: Scale 100 Burpees

    Time:9:16 PR 0f 2:03

  23. 100 Inverted Burpees! First time doing this WOD as Rx. A tough one for me, but I am so pleased that I could finish it.

    Time: 19:19

    Thanks everyone for all your encouragement!

    Great work Pierre and Marc!

  24. MOB
    WU x2

    Strength: Front Squats X5


    WOD Scale 100 Burpees

    T: 6:49

  25. WUx1
    Toes 2 rings x 6
    Toes 2 rings x 4

    Clean x 5
    still need to practice my technique

    WOD: 100 Burpees (first time)
    Time: 11:57

    Amazingly, I was warm enough to take my vest off after 25…

    Tried T2B with and without band. I’m not too coordinated… I’ll stick with the toes 2 rings for now until I get better.

  26. WU x 2

    Daily squat to 225#

    Cleans (x5)
    95(10)-105-115-125-135 (PR reps)

    WOD as Rx
    100 inverted burpees
    Time = 12:32

    First time doing inverted burpees. They are easier than regular burpees (at least for me)…but my left butt cheek is sore 🙁

    Thanks for the cheers 5:45 crew! It helped a lot!

  27. WU x 2
    Back Squat x 5
    105 – 115 – 125 – 145 – 160 – 170
    100 Burpees
    Fun WOD

  28. WU X 2
    OHS 5’s

    100 burpees (scaled from inverted)
    Time: 9:10

    OHS @ 70#’s seemed easier than 55-65. Weird…

    Great job on the burpees everyone. So now we’ve proven that if two 50+ year olds have the same birthday, eveyone can do the burpess no problem…see you in September right Gerry!?!

    Great to see you today Nadine… you look marvelous!!

  29. WOD as rxd –> 11:18

  30. WUx2

    Strength – Back Squat X3
    my 3rd of the first 225 was not low enough. Was on my toes quite a bit. Did last 225 without shoes. Better.

    WOD” as Rx’d


    1st time doing this and did not want to do it as Rx’d but Kevin said I could. Happy I did.
    Really liked it!

    Great job 6:45 crew!

  31. WUx2

    Front Squat x 5

    WOD: 100 Burpees
    Time: 8:10

  32. MOB
    WU x2
    Strength: cleans X3
    95×10-135-155-165-174-185 (pr reps)
    WOD 100 inverted burpees
    T: 11:58
    WOD was much tougher than I expected.. On everything, sore calves, hamstrings, heels, wrist, ass!! Lol great job 6:45!

  33. WU x 2

    OHS x 5

    WOD: 100 Inverted Burpees
    Time = 12:10

    First time for me on this work out….or any work out involving handstands. I had some fears about the handstands because I fell on my head when I last tried them. That was over a year ago & I’ve never had the courage to try them again. A big thanks to Patrick to helping me out this morning. Once I overcame my fear, they really weren’t that bad. I agree with Lora, in that they were easier for me that regular burpees.

  34. WU x 2

    OHS x 3 75-80-85-95-110

    Scaled WOD – 100 Burpees for time

    Time : 8:21

  35. WU x 2
    Strength 5x back squats

    WOD 100 regular burpees : 12:22, PR of 1:32 😀

  36. Wu x2

    Strenght Press 5X’s


    Wod – 100 burpees 9:02

    First muscle up this evening 🙂

  37. WU x 2
    Push press 5RM: 80#

    WOD Rx: 9:56 (2:31 PR from 03/2011)… I agree that they are a little easier than regular burpees… and it helps not to stop… as Joanna says, you get less dizzy… fun… but sore neck muscles tonight!

    got 4 consecutive T2Bs… tricky!

  38. WU x 2

    Front Squat x 3
    Did a fair bit of shoulder and forearm stretching in addition to some wrist mobility before this one. I am not sure if it looked better when I racked the weight, but it sure did feel better. I should be able to start pushing some more challenging weight on front rack lifts very soon.

    WOD, scaled to regular burpees after what can only be described as a complete handstand fail during practice.

    100 burpees 9:38

  39. WUx2

    Sholder Press x 5 – 30-35-40-45 — 2@50

    100 Burpees – 9:50 😀

  40. WUX2
    Strength: Back Squat: 5 x 105-115-125-145-160
    WOD: 100 BURPEES: 8:09

    • Nice job on the Burpees Nadine and Bender!

    • Nice work on the burpees bender! however if I was in your class I woulda shamed you into doing it Rx, I changed all my classes for the rest of the week to make sure! See ya at 5:30! Lol

  41. WUx2
    Strength Back Squat x 5
    WOD: Scale 100 Burpees

    Time: 11:08

  42. Mobility, Stretch Back, Wrist, Calves
    WU”A” x3

    Practice Double-Unders… horrible
    Single Skips – 5 mins

    Daily Squat to 287#
    Back Squat 5RM – 145 – 165 – 185 – 215 – 235#

    WOD Rx = 16:10 (Back was some worked up at the end. Needed to figure out the less tiring way of doing it much earlier, also had lots of no reps between 20-30)

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