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Nutrition Seminar

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On the evening of January 18th, at 7:30pm, we will be hosting a nutrition seminar with Rebecca Bilodeau, the Holistic Dietitian. She is a faculty member at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and a member of the Dietitians of Canada and the New Brunswick Association of Dietitians.

Her presentation will last one hour with time for some questions at the end.

Cost to attend this presentation is $10. Please pay one of the trainers and they will put your name on the list.

As a follow-up, there will also be a body composition test available on Saturday, January 21. It will tell you your fat percentage, lean weight, water weight, and hip to waist ratio. They are all better benchmarks than weight alone. This service is $25, which can be claimed on most health plans. Again, please pay a trainer and they will give you some special instructions and allow you to sign-up for a 30min spot during the day.

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15 Responses to “Nutrition Seminar”

  1. CFWU x 2

    10×110 PR for reps

    WOD: Death by Pullups

    11 Rounds + 8

  2. CFWU X 1

    Strenght: Push Press 5 x 3

    20 Deadlifts 155#
    Row 400m
    20 Kettlebell swing 53#
    Row 400m
    20 Overhead Squat 75#
    Row 400m
    20 Burpees
    Row 400m
    20 Pull ups
    Row 400m
    20 Box Jumps 20″
    Row 400m
    20 Squat Clean 75#
    Row 400m

    Time: Clock stopped. Maybe a sign it was a long wod. I’m guessing about 40mins. Perfect wod for the day after a drinking night. 🙂

    • Nice job Nancy….I won’t even say how crazy I think you are for tackling that one after last night 😉

  3. ‘Death by pullups’
    14 rounds + 11 reps
    Nice job everyone today. Lots of PRs

  4. Cfwu x2
    Strength front squat (3s)
    Wod: death by pull ups
    10 rds 6 reps
    I was quite happy how I did. I did not use a band, and kipping is much better.
    Thanks Marc

    • Congrats on your death by pullups results Darsey! Great job without the band!! You should be very happy with that 🙂

      • Thanks Lora. You and Jeff S did awesome on the wall balls.
        I think 18 rds on a death by wod is quite a feat!

  5. OPEN GYM – thanks Marc 🙂

    WU x 2
    skipped strength ~ tired old body today :-S

    WOD – Death by Wall Ball
    18 rounds + 18
    19th minute ended as my 19th rep was in the air…ohhhhhh so close!
    Had hoped to make it to 20 min.
    It was really fun doing this WOD with you Jeff S. You did AWESOME!

    Amanda – I have Clean & Jerk envy right now! Your technique/form is so good! I’m impressed (and jealous as hell! LOL)

    Bender – nice job on the deadlift/BJ/KBS WOD from earlier this week. I remember how painful that last round was for me. Great work.

  6. YAY!! Im so excited about the “Nutrition Seminar”!! I will bring the money for sure!! 😀
    Im gonna try to do the “body composition” too!! 😀
    Thanks for putting this on!!! 🙂

  7. WU x 2

    Row 500 m.. 1:32.6 ( thought I had sub 1:30 )

    WOD – Death by Wall Ball
    19 rounds plus 8
    Have mark and Darcy to thank for the 19th round, had laid on the floor gassed after 18.. Started 19th round after wasting 15seconds of my minute.. After mark dragged me to my feet!! Thanks I think! Lol
    And Lora I wish I could echo sentiment about this being fun! Lol but you did great.. Pushed me beyond my limits yet again!

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