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  1. Marco

    Good morning all, Martine and I are going to Sugarloaf ( USA not Campbellton, that will be funny for those who have been to both) January 20th to the 23rd. 3 nights accomodations and 3 days of skiing for $380.25 per person, we are looking at renting a house on the hill that will sleep 8 comfortably. This will be ski in ski out type accommodations. Walking distance to bars on the hill and fitness centre ( which has 4 or 5 hot tubs ) I already have a few people interested but nothing confirmed yet if interested please shoot me an email @

    [email protected]

    1. Mario

      Ca serait nice! J’va demander à JF pis Annie si ca les intéresserait de me joiner aussi pour ca, si qui ont pas déja un trip de ski de planifié. Will let you know!

  2. “Last Ascent”
    Front Squats (145#)
    Box Jumps (24″)

    Time —> 5:33

    Cashout: 20 person popsicle pushup!

    As a coach I get to see the WODs ahead of time…. so I really enjoyed walking in to the unknown today. Great job everyone! See you tonight!!! 😛

  3. Lora

    Fun Saturday WOD!

    27 Birthday burpees for Steph G! Happy Birthday Steph 🙂

    WOD “Last Ascent”
    Front Squat (120#)
    Box Jumps (20″)

    Time = 4:31

    Cashout – 20 person popsicle pushup. So cool! Can’t wait to see the pic!

  4. Nath

    27 Birthday burpees

    “Last Ascent”
    Front Squat (55#)
    Box Jumps (18″)

    time= 4:2?

    I should’ve used more weight for my front squats… I was sour from yesterday’s Fran so I just played it save. Box jumps are getting better. Maybe I should try the bigger girl’s box next time!

    4 person pobsicle pushup. I definitely need to work on that core strength!

  5. Ed K

    Warm up

    Str Hang squat cleans 3rm
    95-135-155-175-185-205 f on the last one ended up sitting on the floor with it in rack position because I cant dump weight here – could go much heavier but to dangerous.

    WOD 1
    Death by Clusters 135#

    7 rounds and 7 reps – little mad at myself here – head wasn’t in it

    wait 15 mins

    WOD 2


    26′ box jumps
    Run 400m


    Found out I’m coming home on the night of the 16th! (next friday) I will be in until January 02 where I leave that morning. I would love to be at the gym almost everyday! I’ll send you an email here soon Coach.

  6. Martine

    WU: 27 burpees, Happy B-day Steph!!

    WOD “Last Ascent”
    Front squats 95#
    Box jumps 20″
    Time 6:21

    Great job everybody! Hope to see you all tonight!

  7. Gabrielle

    WOD Last Ascent
    Front squats 85lbs
    Box stepups (to lessen the impact on my tibia)

    time : 4:10

    20 person popsicle pushup – fun!!

    Won’t lie, I would have liked a longer WOD to burn some energy off today… Quickies are great, just not quite so often!

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