A simple request


A simple request

On October 20th, I made a post about removing the consequences to tardies and no-shows. The decision was based on mutual respect, but it didn’t go as planned. I thought the amount of no-shows and tardies would drop. However…

In 5 weeks, we’ve had 32 no-shows. When there were 50 burpees assigned for no-shows, there was an average of 1 per week. Now, we’re over 5 per week.

So what now? I’m at a loss. In a positive way, how we improve this?

I’m hoping this may shed some light on the situation. This was written by a fellow member who shares their experience about being on the other side of a no-show.

What’s your reason?

  • The roads suck.
  • I have to work later than I thought.
  • By the time I got home, I was too tired and just wasn’t in the mood.
  • I’m too sore from yesterday’s WOD
  • This WOD looks too hard!

…and so on.

There are a million and one reasons why you can’t make it to the gym. Everyone has them.  If you don’t want to show up, or can’t, that’s up to you and that’s perfectly fine.

So what’s next? Doing the right thing is also up to you.

In ZenPlanner, there is a 2-hour cancellation policy which is to be used to cancel your class if you can’t make it. Please use it. It’s not there simply in case you want to use it to cancel. You should make every reasonable effort to use it. That being said, things happen last minute and sometimes that’s unavoidable. If you’re over the 2-hour cancellation window, no problem, just please take a moment to call the coach and let him know.  He can then contact someone who is one the wait list to get them in.

Maybe when you joined, classes were never full. This is no longer the case. Now, more than ever, with so many members, adhering to the cancellation policy simply makes things easier for everyone.

But we all know that right? Good!

So, systems and policies aside, this article is meant more to address a growing trend whereas some members are disregarding the cancellation policy and simply choosing to opt for a “no show”.

For those, here’s the hard truth:

“Inadvertently causing a fellow CrossFitter to miss out on a class because you can’t be bothered to make the effort to cancel your class is simply not cool. Don’t allow your reason or excuse to deprive another CrossFitter from being able to workout.  You’re better than that.”

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to want to get into a class and not be able to. How stressful is it to only have a small window each week between work, kids, other commitments etc… to squeeze in a few workouts, but are unable to get into the only classes which fit your busy schedule. To be disappointed you’re going to have to wait for “change for change” to do that WOD. Or to be 1 of 5 on the waitlist all day and not moving until you give up or the class has begun.

What’s really frustrating? Finding out that the class was not even full. And also… Finding out you were frustrated, stressed, or disappointed simply because someone did not take the time to cancel.

When you decide (because it is a decision) not to show up, what you’re really doing is disrespecting gym ethics, the coaches and the members.

If you still think being a no show and causing someone to miss a workout is no big deal, then answer this question: “Would you want it done to you?”

So what’s your reason?

Being part of our Crossfit family, where courtesy, respect and honesty is so important, the answer should be obvious.

It takes 20 seconds to make a phone call. Thank you.

-Coaches of CrossFit Moncton

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  1. Looking forward to talking shop! We’ll give an intro on what we do with our club and then open it up to Q&A. So please come prepared with questions! We’d rather have an open dialogue than a lecture. Thanks for inviting us. 🙂

  2. Jeff S

    With respect to the ‘no shows, tardies’ and as a newer member maybe not my place to say, but if this is still an issue and the burpees served as a deterrent in the past then my vote is to reinstate the burpee rule, my guess is the people on the list are repeat offenders? understanding that life sometimes gets in the way but if it’s ‘getting in the way’ multiple times over a month and you haven’t figured out how to make a phone call then names should be posted and burpee penalties should be in place.. The multiple email ‘to the group’ obviously is not deterring, so bathing everyone in the ‘same water’ not helping, single out the offenders.. Sorry if seems harsh but as popularity of our sport grows the possibility of missing more and more classes increases.. Bring back the burpees!!!

    1. Agree ^

      I missed a class one day last summer. My head was on another planet, as my mother was very, very sick, and it was the day of my grandmother’s funeral. I missed a class that I was registered for. I didn’t know I was registered for it – MY fault. I did my burpees. I didn’t mind doing them and I didn’t want or expect any exceptions to be made for me. It shouldn’t matter what your excuse is…it’s a gym rule and it should be respected.

      I don’t think Kevin is trying to paint us all with the same brush as he is just asking us for our support, which I’ll provide.

      We pay a lot of money for our gym membership and although it hasn’t happened for me yet, it’s really going to suck if I’m on a waitlist for a full class and someone doesn’t show up for that class when I could have gone.

  3. Steph G

    Wu x3
    20 pullups
    30 pushups
    40 sit-ups
    50 squats
    Rest 3 mins repeat 5 rounds

    This might be my new fav WOD my hands are still shaking… After round 2 even the sit ups were hard. Happy w my time, my goal was under 30 mins. Thanks again Marc for opening the gym, LUV Sunday’s! Thanks Rob for showing me how to tape my hands 😉

  4. Ed K

    Warm up
    Str OH strict press 3RM

    95 – 115 – 135 – 155 – 165 (pr) HUGE pr.. No idea where that came from.. Might be able to get 170×3

    Squatted 295×1 in chucks

    3 rounds of:
    800m Run
    50 Good Mornings (50 pounds)
    50 Situps strait leg

    18:35 felt good – pose ran the whole thing

  5. Open gym

    190 (unable today)

    Chest sore from push-up homework on wednesday and ring dips from Nate.
    Thanks Marc!!

  6. Lora

    A sincere thanks to the Bainbridges today for the very informative session on lifting. I learned a lot and was very inspired 🙂 Thanks to Kevin for putting this together.

  7. Darsey

    500m Row
    400m Run
    21 Kettlebell Swings 40lbs
    12 Pullups
    50 Thrusters 45lbs
    3 rounds of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats)
    30 Box Jumps
    21 Handstand Pushups, scaled with pike pushups
    30 Knees to Elbows
    30 Double Unders, scaled with 90 singles


    Also did my first handstand pushups, 2 sets of 5 reps

    Big thanks to Rob, Mark and Johnny for the help

    1. You rocked it!!!! Big day! Tackled a monster of a WOD then got a DoubleUnder PR, followed by getting a HSPU for the first time and doing 2 sets of 5 (wow) and THEN nice Max Height Box Jump!! Huge day!

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