Scoring a goal


Scoring a goal

How do you get a goal in hockey? Easy answer, right? You put the puck in the net. What if the puck misses the net? Another easy one – it doesn’t count.

If your chin doesn’t go over the pullup bar, your squat isn’t below parallel, the wall ball doesn’t go above the target, your chest doesn’t hit the floor, your bicep doesn’t touch the ring, etc., it doesn’t count.

As coaches, we will call you out on them. If we see something that doesn’t count, we will tell you ‘no rep’.

But if we’re not watching you, then it’s your turn to call yourself on the ‘no reps’. What you do when no one is looking is called integrity. I would hope that you all have that quality and leave your ego at the door to be able to ‘no rep’ yourself.

It’s hard though, being in the flow of the workout, coming up on your last few reps. You just want the workout to be over. But if it doesn’t count, show some integrity and do it over again. Finish the workout knowing that every single repetition counted, even if that means you were a few seconds slower. Don’t settle for anything less.

The Creeker gets a good rep!

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  1. Gabrielle

    I wish I could grant you all your open gym wish… Alas! My head and stomach are having wishes of their own that don’t really jive with any kind of movement today… Live and learn as they say!! 😉

    Happy birthday Patrick! A belated Happy birthday to Chantal as well 🙂 I was really hoping to see you last night!!! I hope you’re both having a fun and great weekend!

  2. Ed K

    Warm up
    strength back squat 5rm
    135 – 185 -225 – 245 – 275 – 295 machs last PR and I had more in the tank didnt expect to gain my strength back so quick

    amrap 12 min
    10 deadlifts 95lb
    8 hang cleans 95 lb
    5 push press 95 lb

    12 rounds 7 deadlifts.

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