Remembrance Day

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  1. Went to Crossfit Sussex today for their Fundraiser WOD for BARRETT MUIR, and also to show my support of another CF box opening up in NB.

    Rob W. and I made the trip down and it was nice place. Lots of people there and the ran 2 heats of 6-7 competitors in each heat with a 35min cap.

    Rob coached me through the whole thing – Thanks alot bro! & Marco drove beside me in the cop car as I ran my first 800m hahha Thanks!

    Workout of the Day:
    50 hand-release Pushups
    800m run
    50 135lb FrontSquats (after 3 reps – brought it to 95# as my shoulder didnt like this and it was damn heavy for 50 reps)
    1 mile run
    50 135lb dead lifts
    800 meter run
    50 pullups (strict)

    Time: 28:53

    I have never been so shaky/dizzy/disoriented after a WOD like I was today… WHOA – it was weird!!!! Ryan Muir from CF Sussex killed it with 23:47 (monster of a CFer!!!).
    Well enjoy your long weekend everyone!

  2. Kevin

    Joanna and I had a great time at CF Kinetics today. They had the option of choosing one of the Canadian Hero WODs.

    30-25-20-15-10-5 rep rounds of:
    GHD sit-up
    Back extension
    Knees to elbow (bar)
    95 pound Stiff legged deadlift (sumo)


    Terrible headache after the first round of situps. Lasted for about an hour after. Would like to try this again sometime with a clear head.

    Also checked out their new space! Going to be awesome!

  3. 5km Run —> 25:05

    PR by 23 seconds (same route)
    … and it took over a year to get it! (25:28 was Nov 2, 2010)
    Best time this year was 25:59.

    Ran in the dark and the rain and it felt absolutely great! Guess it was perfect motivation to get the hell home! 🙂

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