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From the Vault


You’ve been waiting for the 1RM day to come so you can get a PR on your shoulder press. Warm-up feels pretty good. The build up sets feel alright, but a little heavy. You load up the bar for your last set. Deep breath. Go! You start to make noises that you didn’t know a human could make. No matter how red your face gets, the bar will not go up.


No one likes to write that in their journal.

How do you deal with not getting a PR? Do you let it bother you? Do you see it as something to work on?


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  1. Marco and Martine

    John, thanks for the hospitality last night, good times with great friends, wish we could have stayed longer……l…damn work!!!!!!!
    P.s. Eric, I will beat you!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gabriel

    Great party Johnny! Lots of fun πŸ™‚

    Kevin and Jo, lots of fun for you on your trip!

    Now that I had my 6th cup of coffee, let me answer that not getting a PR when you think it’s already in the bag.
    On Friday, had been ready for it for weeks, here comes the 1 rep max for Deadlifts, my favorite lift.
    I so wanted that PR that I already was celebrating it way before that bar left the floor and in my mind it was a for sure PR. I did the lower weight and all was fine, the excitement was building up as I get closer to that PR lift, then I make the lift, at the top, I get too excited that I forgot that I still have to put the darn thing down and NO REP from Kevin, rounded back on the way down. I tried it again because I know I can do it right? Same thing. Man!!
    Well I cannot describe the disappointment I felt. But it is what it is and lesson learned.
    I know now what I have to do to get it next time and I will get it next time. Period.

    1. Mario

      Maybe that will leave me some time to catch up with you on that deadlift PR! Haha!

      But seriously, you’re gonna get it next time for sure. Keep it up!

  3. Tracy S

    When I first started CrossFit I thought those numbers on the board were ‘supposed’ to increase every cycle, and could feel that little bit of frustration setting in when I hit those plateau and they weren’t changing. A little coaching helped me understand that failure is part of the CF experience, and part of what makes you ‘mentally’ stronger.
    It’s not about changing a number, it’s about giving it your all for the lift or the workout — knowing that some days we’ve got it, other days we don’t.
    I can compare it to my golf game too. Frustration can easily set in when I’ve missed those shots that seem like they coulda’, shoulda’ or woulda’ worked (if only I had done this or that) – it should be about focusing instead on just doing our best on that particular day and enjoy the time with friends!!… If a PR happens, whether it be a lift or a golf score, that’s just a bonus πŸ™‚

    I DO know that regardless of the numbers, I’m an definitely stronger than I was when I began CF.

    Have a great day everyone.
    … and Bon Voyage Kevin & Joanna

  4. I learned to take failure as a lesson. It doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. There are 2 reasons why I fail. 1- Simply not ready. Or 2- I didn’t do my home work (or not enough of it).

    The only time failure bothers me is when I fail at something I already succeeded. It feels like I backtracked. Again that’s because I didn’t do my ‘homework’. So it’s like a reminder to get back on track.

    Hard work = Success

  5. Heather S.

    The last time I wrote “fail” in my book, I was attempting a new PR on a lift that 18 months ago I wouldn’t have even attempted…how can that ever be failure?

  6. I don’t let it bother me. It just lets me know its an area to improve.

    I didn’t finish Friday’s WOD… so what? If I did, chances are I’d be out for weeks…I’m not going to allow ego to injure…

    You only fail if you never try again….

    Great party Johnny! Thanks again for the invites, shots, and hospitality! We had a great time!

  7. Corinna

    Congrats Lora on your 3 hours plus a few minutes duathlon! You must feel such a great sense of accomplishment. Hope you are not too sore today….smiles.. Awesome job!

    1. Lora

      Thanks Corinna! It was really fun! I am feeling a bit of soreness today, but that’s pretty much what I feel after every Crossfit WOD, so its all good….LOL!

      1. Nathalie

        Love this video Jeff.
        If you never fail, you don’t learn go get back up and keep going. Failure is a learning experience. It makes you stronger.

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