Rockin the bandanas


Rockin the bandanas

Yesterday was a very successful theme day. Thanks for Mario for the inspiration and Rob for the idea. Great turnout and can’t wait till the next theme. What shall it be?

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  1. Johan

    ripped off sleeves
    get some mean on and use war paint
    extra long socks for deadlift day
    tattoo like the sasquatch – shirts off for everyone
    how ’bout a choreographed hip hop work out
    write on each other’s shirt
    shave heads a la Kevin
    taped hands
    jello pool
    ancient greece athlete
    heavy clothes + super soakers = wet wod
    all orange
    weighted gear strapped on
    crossfit truck tug of war
    red green with duct tape – use your imagination
    80s sweat pants
    ninja zoro or superhero
    princess wrist bands

  2. Ryan M

    had to look twice, Marc you could almost pass for Ant Jamima! 😉 Its days like these that make people apart of something that they dont want to miss!

  3. Heyyyyyy everyone!!!
    I am having a HOUSE PARTY this Saturday, Sept 10th. at my new place!! I would really love to have u all there and so inviting the whole Crossfit Moncton Family! Really looking forward to seeing u all!!! Address and directions will be posted at the gym!!! No theme for this party – just come and have a great time!! (Some people have mentioned bringing food/munchies and that’s cool with me as I am a horrible cook, but no obligation!!)

  4. Ron

    Saturday was a blast of fun and the WOD was awesome, great ideal Rob for the theme, I now look forward to what is up for next Saturday. I nominate Rob as our fun committee chairman….. anyone 2nd the motion?

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