Old Married Couple


Old Married Couple

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or the CrossFit Games post-party, CrossFitters always rock the house. Our wedding reception was no different. Some of my non-CrossFit friends told me what an awesome bunch you all are and that we seem to be a really tight-knit group. So thank you for being a part of our family and sharing our special day. It’s means a lot to us.

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  1. Joanna was a beautiful bride.

    So many things were so great, so many highlights… The vows were beautiful, the weather & location were perfect, everyone looked so great. Dave was a great MC. The reception was TONS of fun. Oh the snacks! Every time I said: “Okay I’m not having anything more to eat”, they brought out something different and delicious! Jo’s dance with her mother was really awesome and your workout was cute. Kevin’s smile throughout the day was priceless. Both of you looked so happy. The video was hilarious, and a great touch.

    Thank you from the bottom our my heart for sharing your beautiful day with us.

    Thanks so much CFP for driving our drunk asses home at the end of the night, we really appreciated it!

    Highlight nearing the end of the party: “Well I didn’t mean to fall way over THERE..” (Johnny) OMG that was funny!!!

  2. Liam

    It Was a great day! (And night)
    I’m really happy Irene took her time getting here.

    Like Amanda said, Thank you soooo much for letting me share in your beautiful day! (And night!)

    Congratulations Kevin and Jo!

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