Day at the beach


Day at the beach

There is still the free drop-in this morning at 9am.

For those going to the beach, please meet at Gabrielle’s house at 11am.

If you need directions, shoot me an email.

And party at our place tonight! Bring your best Hawaiin shirt!

Periscopes up!

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  1. Marc H.

    It blows that I miss the beach WOD for the second time because of work 🙁 Enjoy guys. Might do yesterdays main site WOD tonight or tomorrow

  2. Gabrielle

    The beach WOD was lots of fun again this year 🙂 thank you all for making the drive out here and thank you Kevin and Joanna for lugging some of your equipment down. I had forgotten how much fun Hoover ball is!

  3. Well that was a crazy-awesome super-fun day!!! There were a bunch a people for the Drop-in and I tried the INTRO WOD AGAIN!!
    Got 13 rnds + 10 Squats – love startuing the day with that haha

    Then good size group of us showed up at Gabrielle’s PLace – Such a sweet pad – and after a cool warm up and KB throws we did our WOD – Time 4:13

    Hoover ball is way more fun then I thought it was gonna be and shared lots of laughs and got lots of Sun in for our tans!! hahha

    Have a great night everyone!! Thanks Gab, Kev, and Jo!!

  4. Jeff

    If you didn’t go to the beach today you really missed out. Hoover Ball was a ton of fun!!! …and probably a bigger workout than the WOD. Thanks for having us Gabrielle.

  5. Ron

    I could not ask for a better day which included lots of games, sun, fun, and of course great company, Thank you Gabrielle for opening your home to us and thank you Joanna and Kevin for the off site event.

  6. Grant

    Did the free drop in.

    AMRAP in 10 minutes

    5 Pushups
    10 Situps
    15 Squats

    The first time I did this (3 weeks ago) I did 7 rounds. This time I did 11.

    Goes to show that you should do this WOD every now and again as a metric to how you’re doing. I never thought I would have improved in such a short time.

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