Open 11.1 repeat


Open 11.1 repeat

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

30 Double-unders
15 Power snatches (75/55#)

Compare to Mar.19/11

Marc doing 11.1 back in March

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  1. Jeff

    Games WOD 11.1
    AMRAP 10 minutes…
    30 Double-unders
    15 Clean & Jerk (75)*

    Total —> 4 Rounds (PR)

    PR by 27 reps. Got 3 Rounds + 18 DU during the Open.
    Happy with that considering I did only Clean & Jerks today. Also, doubles were unbroken in all four rounds.

    Nice work everyone! Pretty sure there were PR’s all around!

    …Beach!!! 😀

    1. Corinna

      Thanks Jeff. You did great today as well!! Gotta be happy when the double unders are unbroken..smiles.. Hope you enjoyed the beach. We certainly had a great day for it!!!

  2. Mario

    – Mob. + Warm-Up + Fig-4 Wall Stretch
    – Practice DUs… got 5 sets of 5 reps… consistency!?
    – Games WOD 11.1, scaled 90 singles = 4 + 4 Snatches (Had done 3 rounds + X snatches back at the Open, alt. singles/doubles)

    Snatched felt better then at the Open, probably because I’ve had chances to practice them since. No back issues today, but shoulders are f’d now! lol

    Oh and a Singles PR (90) Yay!! 😀

  3. Corinna

    WU x 2

    WOD: 11.2

    5 rounds + 7 snatches. Last time 5 rounds + 6 snatches (1 rep PR) Would have likd 6 rounds, but a tough week of WOD’s and this body needs a break

    Great job everyone!

  4. WU = Intro WOD = Not sure the score as I think my pennies screwed up – I will do this again to get a definitive score.

    WOD 11.1:
    4 Rds + 17 (?) DUs — PR of 13 reps I believe!
    Happy with this considering i did the Intro WOD 45 minutes prior.

    Enjoy the weather. I’m Excited to go get a Tan!

    1. Mario

      Hey let me know when you wanna try the Intro WOD again I’ll join in… I haven’t done it in a while, even tho I think I’m up to 6 attempts at it.

  5. Martine

    WOD amrap 10 min:
    30 DU
    15 power snatches (55#)
    (did 10 powder snatches and 5 C&J)

    Total: 4+25 DU

    Have a good day everybody!!

    1. Corinna

      Nice work Martine. Your double under’s and snatches were solid. Kudos to you Sonia for getting 7 rounds today. Very impressive indeed!!!

    2. Marco

      I was hoping that the reason my wife was writing powder snatch was because autofill was on…….power power power….nope that isn’t the problem……just wait I am going to as if she powders her………

  6. natacha

    Special WU x 2

    WOD… 2 rounds plus 12 power snatches

    had gotten 3 rounds plus a few DU in march… but just recovering from a cold… even the WU was hard today… thanks to Marco and Martine for encouraging me… it’s really great not to feel judged even if you get a crapy result… felt good to be sweating the cold away!

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