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Kettlebell Swings

Compare to Jan.26/11

Check out the compare to link for information on how to take care of your calluses.

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  1. Jeff

    800m Run
    800m Row

    KBS (53#)

    Time —> 5:20 (PR by 5 sec)

    I was awake by the time I got home…

    5km Run

    Time —> 27:34 (2:06 slower than PR)

  2. Rachel

    Strength – Back squat x 1

    WOD: 21-15-9
    KBS (25#)

    Time: 5:47

    Cash out – 1 min L-sit

  3. Gilles

    Strength – Back squat x 3

    WOD: 21-15-9
    KBS (50#)

    Time: 5:25 (over by 1 sec from last time but used 15# more)

    Cash out – 2 min plank

  4. Martine

    Front squats 3x

    WOD @ #35 (used #30 last time)

    21sec slower (WTF) taught my burpees would be faster today than in january..oh well..

    1. Marco

      After I explained the difference between taught and thought, my lovely wife wanted me to correct her mistake. So if anyone actually cared which I am sure most of you didn’t, she meant thought my burpees and not taught my burpees. This has to be the lamest post ever.

      Good day all.

      1. Martine

        I was nervous when I asked Marco to correct my mistake, I knew he would be up to no good. I guess I will have to change my password 🙂

  5. Heidi

    WU x 2

    Push Press
    Grrr….95 is my current PR, but the Push Press God’s were not with me this morning.

    WOD with 35# Kettlebell
    Time = 4:45
    Compare to 4:47 in January, but used 30# KB

    That was quick, but intense.

  6. Marcel

    CFWU x 2

    Squat Cleans x 5



    Burpees & KBS 53 lb

    Time = 5:48

    First time tackling this one, found it hard to catch my breath. Great job 7 a.m. Johnny that was insanely fast! Oh, and Heidi kicked my ass on this one.

  7. Hannah

    @ Crossfit Bathurst
    Group warm up (rotating circuit)

    Strength OHS 3s: 10 + 4 sets @ 20
    Amrap 150 singles, 10 dips 15 minutes

    3 rounds + 134 singles; I missed my own rope
    Merci Jeannine!

  8. Cheyenne

    Strength: Front Squat 1’s
    70-75-80-85-100 (Pr 10#) Thank you Kevin who insisted on it 🙂

    Burpees (resembling a baby learning to crawl by the end)
    KBS 25#
    Thanks Heather for your support and Lora for the final 9 burpee countdown with me 🙂
    Cashout 2 min plank
    1st minute 20 sec interval
    2nd minute 15 sec intervals

  9. Lora

    WU x 2
    Strength: Shoulder press (x3)

    KBS (35#)
    Time= 5:38 (I can do better….still licking my “Eva” wounds)

    Cashout: 1 min L-sit (LOL! Not pretty. Did one leg at a time for most of it, in 5 sec intervals) and 2 min plank (because the L-sit was so pathetic!)

  10. Heather S

    WU X 2
    Strength: Shoulder Press 5’s
    50-60-70-75 (3)- 75 (1) Fail

    KBS (35#)
    Time: 5:12 (1:05 min PR from Jan 26) Love-love-love this WOD!

    Cashout: 1 min + 1 min plank

  11. krista

    well, i don’t have a caption for the photo… i hope Lora you don’t mind me saying, but it think it’s probably because i can’t stop looking at your legs… DAMN girl, you’re one strong woman! strong is beautiful!

  12. Mario

    * 9 Pull-ups, Straight (PR)
    * * Ring Dips, unbroken, 10 & 9

    Push Jerk 3RM

    WOD @ 40#, 21-15-9
    – Burpees
    – KBS
    Time = 3:53

    Lots of burping, and coughing, but no puking! 😀
    Back felt good throughout.

    1. Mario

      Good job Dan!

      I heard “TIME!” somewhere behind me while finishing the last set of KBS. Was I always a few secs behind you?

      And agreed, KBS > Burpees

    2. Dan

      Thanks guys. Andrew doesn’t post much but he had the best time in the class with 3:41. Winning by a second is the sweetest. 🙂

  13. Mel

    Strength: Push Press x1
    95-105F-105-110F-110F 🙁 The push press gods were not with me either Heidi! my old max is 115 and I couldn’t even get close today!

    WOD: 21-15-9
    KBS #35

    Time-> 5:09

    Cashout: 2min plank.

  14. Gabriel


    Strength – Back Squat X5

    KBS @ 53#

    Time –> 4:45

    Flew trough 1st round, unbroken, 2nd Broken burpees and KBS(darn should have paced the 1st), 3rd unbroken.
    Another fun one!

    cashout- total of1 min L-Sit – broken into 5 sets.

    Great job 6:30 gang!
    Great to see you back Gerry! 🙂

    1. Jeff

      Looking forward to Murph, Jason and another try at Wittman.
      We haven’t done Wilmot at the gym yet but I have and it’s a good one.
      Really hope we do that too. (Pte. Colin Wilmot was from Fredericton)

      1. Dan

        I keep looking at these thinking they look pretty crazy, then I notice the “3 rounds” or “5 rounds” after. Crikey!

        Wilmot looks like one I’d definitely be into trying.

  15. WU x1 + 50 Burpee’s and coach didnt see them so 50 more tomorrow Ha ha

    Push press 5’s

    50 lb


    very nauseated afterwards !

  16. Marc H.

    CFWU x 1
    500m row
    Back squat 5’s
    WOD @ 53# -> 4:05
    Pat told me to get under 4min. that I would have to do everything unbroken. Well I did so I guess what he wanted to say was unbroken and burpees faster then slow. 🙂

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