Hero Month


Hero Month

Reminder that the gym is closed for New Brunswick Day.

August is the month of the Heros.

For those that don’t know, CrossFit was designed for police, fire, and military personnel. Members of the forces are unable to know or predict what they will face on any given day, so their training should be suited to their career. Enter CrossFit. By training with constantly varied, functional movements at a high intensity, it gave members of the forces a new type of physical and mental fitness that they could use…and hopefully use to stay alive.

Sometimes, unexpected things happen.

Be prepared for a month with some tough workouts to honor the fallen.

Ed left for Basic Military training this weekend. Best of luck!

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  1. Gabrielle

    Ed you’re going to kick some serious military ass! Your CFM family is always with you in spirit and we will look forward to your visits 🙂 We are proud of you!

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