Tomorrow is Change for Change. Bring $5 if you want to change your workout to another from this past month.

If you haven’t registered for the Hopper, there are only a few spots remaining.

1000 meter row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups

Compare to Mar.27/10

Gilles knows how to get up!

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  1. krista

    CF Endurance swim WOD this am:

    WU 550m mixed drills

    WOD: 16 minutes of 25m on the minute, rest remainder of minute
    all rounds between 20-22 seconds

    followed by a 200m kicking time trial: 6:01 (off PR by 7 seconds)

    i’m very happy with the interval set times, usually my 50m is 50-54 seconds. i find i usually use arms more in the pool, but think something clicked today and my legs came on board to add more speed. the rest felt long

  2. Jeff

    800m run
    No strength

    “Jackie” —> 10:53
    26 seconds slower than Oct 30th. Thrusters were slow today.

    That was my first morning class in about a year and a half. It feels great and I should do it more often when I can. Excellent work this morning everyone! It was nice working out with you guys and also cool that I got to meet a few new people. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kevin

    After the workout on Saturday, stick around for a BBQ. Come celebrate Canada’s birthday with burgers and beverages.

  4. Warm Up x 1 + 800 m Run


    I didn’t think I liked Jackie but I did this morning. I just checked my previous Jackie time (13:28) and now I like her even more. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good job everyone! Martine, you’re a much prettier sight than Marco early in the morning!

    1. Marco

      I didn’t want to say anything the other day, but at first when I got to the gym I thought Guy had picked up a hitchiker on the way to the gym!!

      Oh and F#$% off!!!!

  5. Corinna

    WOD: “Jackie” Rx

    Time: 10:29

    First time doing this WOD. Thrusters were much harder than I thought that they would be.

    Happy 39th Birthday Kathy!

    Great job 3:15 crew!!

    1. Kathy

      Corinna…I made you do more burpees, I’m really 29. Well I feel like I’m 29. Thanks and good work today – you kicked butt!

  6. Cheyenne

    ^That was for Sonia ๐Ÿ™‚

    WU x 2
    No Strength

    WOD “Jackie”
    Row 100 Meters
    50 Thrusters @ 35#
    30 Pullups (Ring Rows)
    Time: 13:52

  7. Kathy

    WU x 1

    WOD – Jackie
    Row 1000m
    50 Thruster @ 35#
    30 Pullups

    Time: 13:36

    Struggled with my pullups (for sure one of my goat), but did enjoy this workout!!!

    I agree with Corinna, great work 3:15 class and sorry about the Birthday Burpees ๐Ÿ™
    Also decided to register for Hopper – first ever competition!!!

  8. Wux1

    Mobility: Run 400m with 45#
    Fatigued my biceps just in time for the Row – Damn

    WOD: “Jacki”
    Row 1000m
    Thruster 45#x50
    pull-ups x30
    Time: 9:07

    Grip Killa!!!!
    Great job 630 and way to give’er ED!!!

  9. Marcel


    800m Run

    CFWU x 1

    WOD โ€“ โ€œJackieโ€
    1000m Row
    45# Thrusters, 50 Reps
    30 Pullups

    Time: 11:42

    PR by 1:54 ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great job 6:30 crew.

  10. Rob

    800m Run
    CFWU x 1

    WOD โ€“ โ€œJackieโ€ RX
    1000m Row
    45# Thrusters, 50 Reps
    30 Pullups

    Time: 11:15

  11. Lora

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for helping me with “MY” goat….burpees! LOL!
    Congrats on registering for the Hopper! I am away that weekend……gonna miss it ๐Ÿ™

  12. Lora

    800m Run
    CFWU x 1
    No strength
    39 birthday burpees! Happy Birthday Kathy!

    WOD โ€“ โ€œJackieโ€
    1000m Row
    50 Thrusters @35#
    30 Pullups (red band)

    Time 10:49

    Grip killer!!!

  13. Mobility
    500m run
    WU x1
    No strength
    WOD: โ€œJackieโ€
    1000m row
    50 thrusters (45#)
    15 pullups (no bnad) & 15 pullups (yellow band)

    Time = 11:44

  14. Dan

    WOD: Jackie
    1000m Row
    50 Thrusters @45
    30 Pull Ups


    Wasn’t feeling the greatest today; how do you get a cold in the summer time? I would normally say that I’d like to do it again sometime, but in this case not really.

  15. congratulations Sonia

    800m run
    WU x1
    No strength
    WOD: โ€œJackieโ€
    1000m row
    50 thrusters (35#)
    30 pullups (green band) Struggled with my pullups but happy for doing it with just the green band
    Time = 16:30
    Cash out = wall stretcher

  16. Hannah

    Mazel Tov, Sonia & Andrew!!!

    wu x 1
    800 m run
    1000 m row
    50 thrusters #35
    30 pullups thickest bamd
    wall stretcher cash out

  17. Heather S

    Congrats Sonia – excited to have another girl in the Crossfit family!

    800m run
    WU x1

    No strength

    WOD: โ€œJackieโ€
    1000m row
    50 thrusters (35#)
    30 pullups (green band!)

    Time: 10:53

    Cash out – wall stretcher
    800 m run

    Pretty happy with my time. First time with Jackie – fun girl…
    Extra 800 m run starting to pay off; running in the warm up felt great.

  18. Liam

    Run 800m
    WU x 1

    WOD: “Jackie”
    Row 1000m
    50 Thrusters #45
    30 pullups

    Time: 11:07

    Great work 6:30 crew! Some really great times tonight!

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