Membership Update


Membership Update

In order to accommodate the variety in the schedules of our gym members, I’ve created a tiered pricing system. I’m hoping it will better serve the members who have busy work or life schedules. These new options will take effect July 1. If you would like to modify your payment plan, please give me a few days notice before your renewal date. Also, if you have any questions, just shoot me an email.

Gold – Unlimited – $110 per month
Silver – 3x per week – $95 per month
Bronze – 2x per week – $85 per month

Putting on plates for another PR

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  1. Kevin

    Joanna and I will be hiking to the Underground Lake in Hillsborough this afternoon. Anyone that would like to come along is more than welcome.

    We’re going to meet at the PetroCan in Point Park in Riverview at 2:30pm. Make sure you bring clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and a bag to put them in when we’re done.

    Either post here or shoot me an email if you’re interested in joining us. If you’ve never been to it, you don’t want to miss it.

    1. Mario

      Funny coincidence, someone showed me a video of that friday afternoon. Had no idea there was an underground lake in Hillsborough.

  2. Jeff

    At home…

    WOD #1
    30 Muscle-ups for time —> 9:43 (PR! 3:25 better than Tuesday)

    Rest exactly 8 minutes

    WOD #2
    5km Run —> 29:08 (3:40 slower than PR)
    Wow! Let’s call that a 5k shuffle instead. My entire core was super tight after the MUs and half way through the run I knew it was more about finishing it and not about time.

    That was different… 😀

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