AMRAP in 15min
15 Wall Balls (20/14 @ 10′)
20 Box Jumps (24/20″)
25 Walking Lunges (each step is one rep)

Big thanks to Brian from Maritime Auto Group and Mark from Bob’s Copy. They did some outstanding work on the wall art!

Awesome art work

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  1. Martine

    WOD as rx’d
    Total: 3+5 lunges
    I was stuck doing more wallballs because the ball wasn’t hitting the 10’…very frustrating!! 🙂 Great job everybody!!

  2. Guy "Rackman"


    AMRAP in 15 min

    15 Wall Balls #20
    20 Box Jumps “24”
    25 Walking Lunges

    4 Rounds

    3 sets of 2 Muscle up

    Great effort by everyone!!

  3. Kevin

    WOD as rx’d

    7 rounds + 6 Lunges
    461 reps

    Legs are toast!

    Big crowd this morning. Thanks for cheering. And great job to our visitors, Dominique and Jonathan.

  4. Ron

    AMRAP in 15 Minutes

    15 Wall Balls @ 14lbs
    20 Box Jumps @ 20″
    25 Walking Lunges

    4 Rounds + 10 Box Jumps

    Got home after the workout and had a shower, dropped the soap and just about collapsed when I squated to pick the damn thing up. The funny part is I pay money to experience this condition…. Great job by all.

  5. David

    AMRAP in 15 minutes

    15 Wall Balls (14#)
    20 Box Jumps (24″)
    25 Walking Lunges

    4 rounds plus 17 Box Jumps

    Love Saturdays! Great job everyone!

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