Don’t be disappointed


Don’t be disappointed

With the new setup of the rings (long straps), those that were able to do muscle-ups may find them more challenging. It will take time to get accustomed to them, so don’t freak out. They just need to be practiced.

30 Muscle-up for time

Compare to July 23/10

Reminder of parking at the gym

Italian handstands

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  1. Shoulder Press
    Trying something different to break 110# plateau
    65-75-85, negative 115×1, negative 115×1

    WOD: 10:08 PR
    July 2010: 11:02

    I find it harder on the new rings but I’ll get used to it.

  2. krista

    WUx2 (pullups: one round rings, one round strict with band)
    DL x5: 65-95-115-135-145 (felt good but heavy, been a while so wanted to concentrate on form)

    WOD: AMRAP 7 min
    4 pull ups
    4 dips (yellow band)
    9 rnds + 4 pull ups + 1 dip

    cash out: trap stretch

    i like working on dips, i fatigue quickly on them – maybe it’s all the struggling to get into the band 🙂

    1. krista

      PM workout: 15km time trial
      i don’t have my official time yet (will find out when they post the results tomorrow) but my garmin told me i was 20 seconds faster than last week – so 15km in roughly 26:40, about 33.7k/h average!

      the way a time trial works is one person starts every 60 seconds and the goal is to catch and pass your ‘minute man’ and anyone else in front of them. i was the 3rd person to start tonight and i caught both people that started ahead of me. very happy!

      great job everyone on ALL the PRs today! wow! i’d post for each person but that might take too many posts – way to kick butt CF Monctoners!

  3. Joanna

    WU x2
    OHS x5
    70 75 80 90 100(PR Reps)

    WOD – Got to 21 MU in 20 Mins
    Happy with that 🙂 The MU went much better than when I tried (and failed many many times) last week. The new ring set up will just take a little time to adjust to, practice, practice, practice!

  4. Amanda


    No strength…I’m still gimpy

    WOD: AMRAP in 7 mins
    4 pullups
    4 dips (green band, slight kip…trying for strict)

    = 9 rounds + 3 pullups

  5. Heather (Mum)

    WU X 2
    Strength (3’s)
    Back Squat 45-55-65-65-65 Form, form, form.
    AMRAP in 7 min.
    4 pullups (red)
    4 dips
    10 rounds plus 4 pullups

  6. wu x 2
    strength – shouler press x 1
    95,115,115 – shoulder real sore

    WOD: AMRAP 7 min
    4 pull ups
    4 dips

    Total rounds = 9 rounds
    cash out: trap stretch

  7. Jeff

    30 Muscle-ups —> 13:08

    Matched my PR of 4 consecutive MUs. I don’t find the new rings that bad. Once you get used to them they work great! This was my first time doing this WOD and I’m looking forward to trying it again cause I know I could do better. Nice work 4:15 crew!

    1. Tracy S.

      Do you mean, you don’t find the new rings that bad… ‘except when they hit you in the face’?? How’s the bruise?

  8. Corinna

    WU x 2
    Strength: Cleans x 1

    95-115-125-130-135(PR)-140(fail-4 times)

    AMRAP: 7 minutes:
    4 pullups
    4 dips (no bands)
    Total: 6 rounds

    Last time I did this WOD I used the yellow band for the pull ups and the dips and I got 6 rounds so I am pleased with today’s score.

    Good job 4:15 p.m. crew!

  9. Tracy S.

    WU X2
    No strength today.
    ~ Opted to try ring dips since I had never done them before. They are tough. Tried a few with the green band. Then just worked on holding the rings to my sides with feet off the floor… even that was tough. Did that multiple times for a 10-count. Mostly used the rings in the warm-up room, as I found the long strap ones REALLY hard to stabilize.
    ~ Will try to keep progressing on this during warm-ups.

    WOD: AMRAP in 7 mins.
    4 Pullups (green band)
    4 Parallette Dips
    TOTAL: 10 Rounds + 2 Pullups.

  10. Marcel

    CFWU x 2

    Strength: Power cleans x 3


    AMRAP in 10 minutes muscle ups = 2 and a lot of failed attempts.

    Cashout 1 min. trap stretch.

    500 m row

  11. Francis

    Front Squats x 1
    135-145-155-175-185 (PR)
    WOD scaled: AMRAP in 7 mins
    4 pullups (no band)
    4 dips
    = 9 rounds + 4 pullups

  12. Lora

    WU x 2

    Strength: Shoulder Press (x3)
    65-75-85-90-95(x2) PR!!
    *pleased with this since I have done very little shoulder work for 2 months…..hmmmm…maybe there is something to this “REST” stuff….*

    WOD: AMRAP 7 minutes
    4 Pullups (green band)
    4 Parallette dips
    Total: 10 + 1 Pullup

    Cashout: Trap stretch – 30 sec per side (x2)

    Great work 4:15 crew!

  13. Dan

    Split Jerk
    95-135-155-175 (Wasn’t feeling it today so stopped)

    WOD: 30 Muscle Ups


    I was worried that the new ring setup would be an issue but they’re ok. So I’ll be doing games standards next time this WOD or another MU one comes up. The new ring setup is pretty springy, and it can be a detriment or an aid. If you give a good tug before you pull and time it well you’ll be good to go.

    1. Guy "Rackman"

      “If you give a good tug before you pull and time it well you’ll be good to go.” – That’s what she said!

  14. Mario


    Deadlift 1RM
    225-255-285-315-345(PR, old 330)… 6 in 6 for a total of 80# PR’ing 😀

    WOD: AMRAP 10 mins Muscle-Ups
    Score = 1 😀

    Got it on my first attempt, then spent 9min30secs struggling, hahaha! Hurray for 1rst MU at new gym and for small victories! Good job 6h30 gang!

    1. Mario

      Also 2 days that included front squat, back squats, deadlifts…my back feels just fine! No problems last week either with KBS at 50#

      I guess stretching helps a lot, thanks for the tips Kev!

  15. Ed K

    50 burpees
    ~70 pullups

    Strength 5RM strict shoulder press

    30 muscle ups fist height above reach

    6:30PR last time was 12:28 so that’s a 5:58 pr

  16. Chantal L.

    WU x 2
    Strength 3’s
    Cleans 70-80-80-80-80-80-80 (80 many times… focused on form)

    Scaled AMRAP in 7 mins
    Pullups (blue)
    Paralette dips

    12 rounds + 4 pullups

  17. Sonia

    Strength – front squat 5×3 at 110lb with only 1 min rest between sets

    Well, just had to try some muscle ups… struggling, not cause of the rings (I had done them at the Games in Fredericton last year so I know I can do them even if the rings are springy)… Ended up doing an amrap 10 min and only got 5. I’ll be honest, I was disappointed at first to only get 5, and as soon as I got home had to go through my journal to reassure myself that on a regular non-pregnant day I could’ve done this workout (haven’t had the chance to try this one yet)…. Now, I’m really happy with my result and happy that I can say I did 5 muscle ups while 23 weeks pregnant 🙂

      1. Mario

        I can smell the wave of inspiration all the way from Dieppe. New WODs forming in Kevin’s head, filled with weighted push-ups, burpees, front squats, box jumps, DUs, etc…. 😉

        Maybe I should shut up…

  18. Steph F.

    WU x 2
    Push Press x 1: 45-65-75-85-90Fx3

    AMRAP 7 mins
    4 pullups
    4 paralette dips (medball under feet)

    13 rounds + 2 pullups

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