Regionals Recap Video

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  1. Kevin

    I want to thank everyone who helped get us there. I think I speak for the whole team…your generous donations were greatly appreciated!

    I’ve heard many people say they can’t wait until next year and want to train even harder. That’s awesome. I want everyone to get faster and stronger.

    The best way to do that would be to give your 100% for every workout. You don’t need to add more workouts….just make each one you do more intense. Push yourself to your limits. And then go a little more.

    Work on mobility. Don’t make excuses. Work on them. Do the daily MobWOD from Kelly Starrett – There’s also a great article from CrossFit South Bay on having a “Pain in Your A**”

    Take time to rest. Refuel using the best choices of food.

    And don’t forget to have fun. If you don’t enjoy your training, you’re missing the whole point.

    Again, thanks to everyone who helped get us there. It was an amazing experience and hope to be able to compete with some of you next year.

    1. Dan

      Awesome video Kevin! I had a great time and am so glad you talked me into going.

      If I had to describe the event in a word it would simply be, Inspiring. Seeing all those great athletes and competing against them just makes me want to train twice as hard.

      And as you mentioned, a big thanks to everyone who donated. I wish everyone at our gym could have the chance to go to an event like this.

  2. krista

    way to go all you guys! kicken’ butt!
    corinna – i loved your little clap before each box jump

    on a personal note – i completed my second 1/2 ironman last weekend. a super challenging course with over 1900m elevation gain on the bike and 925m on the run. very pleased with my 6:15:10 time!

    stopped in to CF F’ton on Saturday for my first official CF training session in over 6 months – took it easy and got Jodi to go over power cleans with me. worked up to 85# (i think my max before was 95 so i’m very pleased that i’ve not lost too much strength from all the Tri training. i’m so sore today and i LOVE it!!) and i was still able to do 10 pull ups unbroken! very pleased

    can’t wait to get back at it in monkeytown. thanks Jodi – you were awesome!

    1. Corinna

      Congrats Krista on the completion of your Ironman! 6:15:10…Wow! Very inspiring indeed! We have missed you at Cross Fit Moncton so hurry back!

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