Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

CrossFit Moncton has a lot going on in the next little while. Here’s a list of dates you should keep in mind:

May 11 – Workout times will be erased from the whiteboard as we need more room for new people. Lifts and max efforts will be kept. Ensure you have all of them recorded in your journal.

May 14 – Muddy River Rollers with our own Raychell will be having their first bout. A crew of us will be headed out to take in the event.

Throughout May – Renovations will be on-going. If you’re able to help out, sign up on the calendar.

End of May – We will be having a moving party to bring all the equipment to the new location. Date and time to be confirmed at a later date.

June 3-5 – We will be sending a team to the Regionals for the CrossFit Games. Team members are Kevin, Ed, Dan, Joanna, Gillyon and Corinna.

July 23 – The 3rd Annual Atlantic Hopper Event will be taking place at the new gym location. This year is going to be bigger than ever!

Prepping for the big paint job

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  1. Raychell

    Just found out yesterday that I will NOT get to skate in our bout on Saturday…something about Crossfit giving me an unfair advantage πŸ™‚ HEHE. I’m bummed. But I still encourage everyone to come watch. Oh yeah, and bring a lawnchair!

      1. Marco

        I think you mean being employed by the government. Saying work and government in the same sentence is like saying jumbo shrimp!!!

    1. Amanda

      haha! I think Rob’s doing a fine job of supervising Patrick’s work!

      We were at the gym this afternoon, I can’t wait for it to be finished!! It’s going to be so awesome!!

  2. Pierre

    Wow, that new gym will be awesome… but the fluorescent lights are dirty!

    But I will stay on top of it and get them cleaned up before the opening! πŸ˜€

    Good job guys today, a lot of things have been done!

  3. Jeff

    What a great turnout today and most of the makeover took place in less than three hours! I have no doubt that with support like that the transition between old and new is going to be very smooth.

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