Lung burner


Lung burner

For time:
1000m Row
800m Run

Shelly's thinking "UP"

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  1. Amanda


    Strength: Push jerk
    5x 65-70-75-85 (failed the last one)

    1000m Row
    800m Run

    T = 10:14

    I had a little gas left in the tank on the rowing and probably could have done a bit faster but my legs wouldn’t do it after yesterday’s torture session! 🙂

  2. Martine S.

    WU x 2
    Strength: push press 5x

    WOD time: 9:10
    Great job 3:15 crew. Thanks coach Sonia, love that little belly 🙂

  3. Lora

    WU X 2 (modified for shoulder)
    Strength: good mornings (x5)

    1000m row
    800m run

    Time 8:08

    Awesome work Tracey and Hannah!!

  4. Patrick

    WOD 11.6

    Made it to the round of 15’s and got 12 thrusters for a total of 72 reps.

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone!!

    1. Corinna

      It was great watching you giving your all tonight Pat during this WOD!! Great work!
      Thanks for the shoulder stretch tip as well.

  5. Liam

    WU x 2
    Strength = Back Squat

    WOD: “Lung Burner”
    Row 1000m
    Run 800m
    Time: 8:10

    Was hoping for under 8 but it was just so hard to get my legs going at the start of the run. Great Job Gerry my 6:30 buddy! You had me scared during the row man!
    “Work Hard! It’s only 7 Minutes!” to everyone competeing tomorrow! I wish I could be there to yell at you… eeerrrr, I mean cheer for you! I hope you surprise yourself with your results.

  6. Corinna

    WU x 1

    Replaced strength with chest to bar pull ups. I still cannot make contact with the bar.

    WOD: 1000 m row
    800 m run

    Time: 8:17

    My quads felt like lead after the 100 wall balls yesterday, but I liked this WOD!
    Good luck to everyone tomorrow doing WOD 11.6

    1. Tracy S.

      Awesome PR Kerri… You’re on fire these days. I wonder, could it have anything to do with a change in diet?? hmmmmm

  7. Shelley

    WU x 2
    Strength – Overhead Squats x 5
    Working on form so I did front squats
    1000m row
    800m run
    time: 11:42

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